One Legged Squats

Have any of you men and women tried one legged squats? Man they are hard! I can only do about 5 with my left leg and I have not tried it with my right knee due to an injury. What I am talking about is different from the one’s recommended by Ian king. You hold one slightly off the floor in front of you and squat down on the other! Give them a shot

Mike, I do a lot of one legged hack squats, gives you more control and you can add even more weight. Don’t know if that would work with your right knee though. Yes, I am a masochist too! :slight_smile:

Mike, what you described sounds just like what King prescribes. Maybe you’re confusing it with the King deadlift which is a one legged bent knee deadlift. Yeah, I like one legged squats too, but with my left knee being scoped recently, I need to start with two legged bodyweight squats!

Yes, they are very hard…especially at the end of an IK quad workout! I’ve got a technique question for everyone though. During the eccentric, is your heel supposed to come up on the bottom or do you keep your foot flat and just lean forward/hold on to something?

I’ve done the one-leggers Ian King style–where I stand with one leg out in front in a power rack and keep my hands on the uprights for balance…awesome finisher for a brutal leg workout. I know what you mean Mike, it sounds like your method of madness–no hands for balance–sounds muy dificil! A Girl…you’re just an all-around T-Vix aren’t ya!

Cream, I keep my foot flat, and try to push from the heel to the ball of my foot. Timbo, this huge, wannabe prof. wrestler friend of mine showed me the one legged hacks-you know, secretly snickering about how I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. He was right,I couldn’t walk. But stuff like that just challenges me and pisses me off and now I do them fairly frequently and easily. I also LOVE pullups.

I haven’t been to the gym in a while so I do
singles as well however I hold onto 30-40 lbs
of plates for added resistance.I don’t have any balance problems anymore, I just go rock bottom with my opposite leg in front.

A Girl…you’re a hella tough T-Vixen…but you already knew that:-) Try Hack Squats with your lower back and hips off the pad, feet way back in line with upper and on your toes…kinda like Sissy Squats–which really aren’t for sissies!