limping series and hack squat

i was curious if it is ok to substitute the one leg hack squats that are supposed to be done on a hack machine for the way that coach davies describes in his article in the current issue of t-mag? thanks in advance

If you are gonan do free weight hack squats with one leg, then I would say go ahead, but that has got to be pretty freakin hard, I couldnt do it. If you cant use one leg I would stay with your original plan. Please dont flame me if the free weight hack squat is impossible with only one leg, I didnt read over it more than briefly so I dont know.

It would be ok to do that but you’ll probably find it really difficult to do a slow tempo one legged barbell hack squat or even a slow tempo free standing one legged squat for that matter. I assume you’re referring to Ian Kings limping series where you do slow tempo one legged hack squats near the conclusion of the workout?

It absolutely fine, especially if you are like me and do not have access to a Hack Squat machine.