Night time muscle twitch

I hope someone can help with a problem. For about the last 3 months, I’ve been experiencing muscle spasms or twitches. These can be pretty intense episodes and are very difficult for me to control. They occur when I wake during the night and move to another sleeping position. They occur in my abs and quads mostly, but also in my pecs, bis and tris. I don’t want to make this post too long by cluttering it up with useless information about my training, supplements, and diet but will gladly respond if that info is needed. Thanks.

Couple of questions. 1) Last time of day you take caffeine? 2) How much caffeine during the day period? 3)Any ephedrine based products? 4) Steroid cycles currently? 5) Current training regimine? Could be any of these. I get spasms in the evening from time to time but it has to do with what I am taking or how I am training.

JRR Thanks for your response. I’ll address your questions by number. 1) I don’t consume caffeine regularly. On a day I may, it would be around 7 p.m. at the latest. 2) Again, I normally avoid caffeine, so I would say that on most days, my daily consumption would be zero. 3) I do not use any ephedrine or ephedrine based product. 4) This is an interesting one. I’ve been using Finasol and Androsol for just over two weeks. However, I have been using Androsol or Tribex and Methoxy fairly regularly for the past couple of months. I have felt that this may in some way be a factor in the twitching. I have also been riding a growth wave the past few months which has coincided with the twitching. 5) I have been doing gvt since I started the Finasol. Prior to that, I was following the 12 weeks to superstrength program. Thanks for your help.

Probably calcium magnesium will help try the citrate type.

My guess it’s the GVT and or finasol. I experienced the twitching late at night while on Androsol forabout a week or two until my body adjusted. I also get it once in a while after an exceptionally rough leg workout which has a lot of set/reps.

I have the same problem in my lower extremities. Try 1000mg of magnesium oxide in daily divided doses,(try to find 500mg tabs) and try to get at least 1200mg of calcium daily. Potassium gluconate at 2-4 99mg tabs daily in divided doses is very helpful.

Earl, thanks for responding to my post-I thought it had died. You say that you are experiencing the same thing as I am. I’m curious how the spasms are since you started the supplements you recommend.
Thanks, again.