New Top 10 List

Man, NOBODY ever mentions Big Black, which has done more to psyche my up for workouts than all else combined. You’d never know from the looks of Steve Albini that he could make the music he does, but DAMN, it’s some heavy shit. For anyone who likes the old punk/industrial sound, I recommend getting their album “Songs About Fucking” and “Rich Man’s 8-Track” (also know as Atomizer) Worth their weight in gold.

Old Sabbath is damned nice, too. Savatage is a recent pick of mine that’s been in heavy rotation in the CD player for me. Other things are Archers of Loaf, Rodan, Superchunk, certain Ministry albums (The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, in ode to a fallen friend of mine who used to belt out some deep 550 lb. squats to that album on a frequent basis) and so many others. I just can’t get into that Limp Korn Kid Rock shit - 'round where I’m from, the only people that can get into that stuff are those 15-year-old kids who wear all black, dye their hair green and wear pants so big you can’t see their feet. It all sounds the same to me. Oh well, I’ll just keep listening to the same stuff for years to come, I guess. Later!


Stone Cold, how could I have forgotten Morbid Angel’s Domination??? You are right! For people who don’t like too heavy stuff, I suggest those headbanging, foot stomping bands: Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, Entombed, Rammstein, The Kovenant (Animatronix album), Six Feet Under, White Zombie.

Anything by Aerosmith and Led Zepplin. Throw in a little AC/DC, GNR, Zombie, and your good to go…

Top Old School Rap that will increase your agression. It’s in no particular order but I think it’s all pre 1995. I gotta think of the ones after 95 that I like, there’s so much more but a lot of the quality is more conducive for dancing than liftin.

  1. NWA - Hundred Miles and Runnin. 2. WuTang Clan - Protect Ya Neck 3. Notorious BIG - Things Done Change 4. Ice Cube - track 2 on Predator (the one right after the guy says ‘gimme 2 good coughs’) 5. Onyx - Slam 6. Redman - Time 4 Sum Action 7. Geto Boys - Mind Playin Tricks on Me 8. Run DMC - Down with the King 9. Cypress Hill - Insane in the Membrane 10. ODB - Brooklyn Zoo. I know i forgot a bunch. Whatever it’s late.

my bad - 10. ODB - Snakes.

Actually, Flaxoil, I doubt most people even know Big Black. But personally, I could see “Bad Houses” being a really nice workout song, or “Jordan, Minnesota” and “Kerosene”. When I was in High School in 1989, we snuck the song “Bad Houses” into our yearbook’s top-ten list of R&B songs.

I am gald to see someone mentioned old school rap. Nothing beats it. #1 is Scarface from the Geto Boys. NWA has to be #2. Even though I don’t like much rap after 1993 or so, I have to say DMX is pretty good too.

3.blood for blood
4.fury of five
5.figure four
6.pitboss 2000
9.V.O.D. (Vision of Disorder)
10.buried alive
to numerous to list…

Slipknot is the only thing worth lifting to.

Yeah, there’s some killer rap to listen to as well. I haven’t heard the name Geto Boys since college. Some of the best stuff is the rock/rap collaborations, like on the Judgment Night soundtrack (forgot that one on my orig. list). In particular Onyx/Biohazard and Slayer/IceT. Cypress Hill has some good stuff (Throw Your Set In The Air, How I Could Just Kill A Man, Ice Cube/NWA, SnoopDogg’s “Pump Pump,” and 2Pac’s “Holler if you Hear Me.”

all i’ve got to say is: rotate Metallica’s KILL EM’ ALL, RIDE THE LIGHTNING, MASTER OF PUPPETS, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL and that’s all you need. -----------

good call! I forgot that Judgement Night soundtrack. my tape has been played so many times it’s shot. i’ll try to think of some newer rap that’s worth working out to. anyone help?