I’d like to add a few tracks to the current list of “Best Workout songs” In no particular order:

Kiss- “War Machine”
Volume 10- “Pistolgrip Pump”
WWF- The Old Skool “Demolition” theme
The Doors- “5 to 1” and “Wild Child”
Rage Against The Machine- “Killing in the Name”
AC/DC- Screw “Shook me all night…” “Highway to Hell” gets more pumps 'n grunts out
And, of course, for those of us who get a lil homicidal during the course of our training, Guns 'n Roses “Used to Love Her” is a must.

Guys got any more good stuff?

“And you don’t want me…ta get ugly…shit!” -Samson E. Simpson “Half Baked”

I forgot about Kiss. “War Machine” is OK, but I have a couple of better ones, IMHO anyway. “I Love It Loud” and the best one, not even from the classic days, “Unholy.” Rage has already been included, pretty much any song does the trick but the one you mentioned is definitely at the top.

Oh, the old AC-DC stuff: I can’t remember if I included this on my orig. list but how about Whole Lotta Rosie and most anything from Flick of the Switch?" Another one that I don’t know how many have heard is the Varsity Blues soundtrack. The songs by Loudmouth, Janus Stark and Monster Magnet are pretty damn good as is some of the stuff on the Scream 3 soundtrack.

Love the Rage and ACDC, How about Bush “Machinehead”, Rob Zombie"Dragula", “Superbeast”, and “Living Dead Girl”, Ozzie’s “Crazy Train”, and “Flying High Again”.

Anything by ICED EARTH & NEVERMORE. They are heavier versions of Iron Maiden and Queensryche.

No commercial shit. Try Gang-of-Four “Shrinkwrapped”, any Ramones, The Damned, Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols, BuzzCocks, Nina Hagen, and other twisted shit. Offend more people. Fights are good cardio workouts.

Whoa music talk…i love music…its next in line after females and lifting…all Limp Bizkit stuff…especially the first album…counterfit,nobody loves me, pollution and stuck. I like Rage and alot of other stuff like linkin park …metallica, korn to an extent, then i’ll usually throw on some rap that gets me boiling like House of Pain, DMX,RedMan, Method Man,wu tang…i can go on and on…

I like a wide selection of music. Old Metallica is a great booster (esp. “Seek and Destroy”) DMX is another good choice. Always pumps me up. Sometimes some good techno,like Moby, Chemical Bros or Okenfold helps me, esp when I need to concentrate on lifts. Sonic Youth, another fine choice, Bad Religion, Rage, Godsmack. I have no idea why, but for some odd reason, Dr. Dre helps me want to work out. Doesn’t pump me up… just motivates me in some way I can’t understand :slight_smile:

Two words

Insert Slipknot cd, put on repeat…

That Danzig is one big dude (at least he used to be anyway). Yeah, Mike, you know what’s funny is that most people probably didn’t even know who Limp Bizkit were until Faith and Nookie came out. I remember seeing them on Fashionably Loud w. Pitchshifter performing “Counterfeit,” and they totally blew me away. I was at the record store a few days later trying to find that CD and I could not for the life of me remember the name of the band. I bought Pitchshifter too, that “Genius” song is pretty damn good.

I can’t believe I forgot this one on my list from a while back. Anyone heard the Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg collaboration “Deep Cover?” This was Snoop’s introduction to the rap world. It is the most kick-arse rap song ever, and I’m not an overly big rap fan. I bought the CD just for that song-too bad the rest of it sucked.

Hey Teddy i remember taht fashionably loud show…Counterfiet is just amazing…there is a lethal dose remix that is great too…i also have deep cover…verrry good…there is this limp song on napster btw…i think it is unreleased it is called my generation on napster but it is not the my generation songf…he screams u can’t take my life from me throughout…probably the best workout song ever…i omitted godsmack somehow befoire too…they are very good

This is my top ten T-boosting songs, not in order: 1- Slayer - Altar of sacrifice…2- Slayer - Reborn…3- Soulfly - Back to the primitive…4- Sepultura - Roots bloody roots…5- Cannibal Corspe - fucked with a knife…6- Deicide - Dead by dawn or Bible basher…7- Obituary - Dying…8- Morbid Angel - Eyes to see…9- Cryptopsy - Emaciate…10- In Flames - Ordinary story

Here’s my top ten list. No particular order either, except #1.

  1. At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul. Speed metal at its finest. If you haven’t heard it, get on your Napster and download it.
  2. Metallica - Ride the Lightning
  3. Deftones - Root
  4. Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots
  5. Tool - anything from Opiate
  6. Danzig - Mother '93 (live)
  7. Rollins Band - Liar (and just think about how big Hank is)
  8. Guns n’ Roses - All of Appetite for Destruction
  9. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
  10. White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65

teddykgb, keep in mind that although Glen Danzig looks big, he is about 5’3"(of course I’m a towering 5’7") so the appearance can be a bit decieving. Also, I lost all the respect for him when he got his ass kicked by the guitarist for Def Leopard…not as bad as if it had been the drummer, but still not good.

Whoa, I didn’t hear about that. Fill me in on the arse-whupping.

PAntera, Pantera, Pantera…I get motivated by sheer hatred, Pantera fills that role

It’s old news…about 10 years or so. Don’t know the specifics…just an argument in a club that they happened to be in at the time. Apparently Mr. Danzig thought since he was built better and sounded more pissed off in his music he could kick some ass and the guitarist who replaced the one who died for Def Leopard beat his ass. Pretty funny shit, really.

these get me pissed off: Wicked (Ice Cube), Three Sheets to the Wind (Kid Rock), Bawitdaba (Kid Rock), Keep ‘em Separated (Offspring), The Getaway (Bone Thugs N’ Harmony), Keep Their Heads Ringing (Dr. Dre)