Needing Strength!

I am an amateur boxer, I am 24 5’6 and 145lbs.
I want to hit harder and be a lot stronger, can anybody give me ‘de best’ strength cycle for me? By the way this will be my first cycle! thank you guys

Here’s what you do my friend for a nontested competition 8 weeks out:
Week 1 - Sostenon-250 3g, Deca 400mgs, Dbol 50mg/per day

Week 2-5 - Sostenon-250 1g, Deca 800mgs Dbol 100mg/per day

Weeks 6,7,8 - Sostenon-250 1g, Winstrol 200 mg every day, Equipoise 600mg, Masteron 200mg every other day.

The day of the contest get some Chique Drops (ultra potent shit for fighting) in you system about 1 hour before the competition. I've herd that Mike Tyson does a simillar cycle to this. good luck

oxandrolone is the best for strength. if you stack it w/ winny you’ll get great results. since it’s your first cycle go mild on dosage. (you would be wise to get a book on roids and learn as much as you can before you start)

I have to disagree. Boxing has weight classes and though the cycle suggested will impart tremendous strength, it will also put on far too much weight. The edema alone from that much testosterone and nandrolone will slow him down. I would say that stacking trenbolone and stanozolol would be the best choice. You won’t get the water retention like testosterone and you can use far less to get the same strength gains or more. Oxandrolone doesn’t seem to work that well and is way too expensive. It’s way overrated in regards to strength.

Look up the GRAMABOL cycle in the previous issue by brock. You’ll be a heavy weight in no time.

Remember your a boxer, not a bodybuilder. If you put on too much mass you’ll move up a weight class…and it’ll be a vicious circle where you’r tryin to get enough strength to compete w/ the new weight class. stick w/ a mild cycle (especially for your first one).It would be a good idea to use cheque drops or halotestin for fighting days only. Good luck.

i’m a kickboxer, and olympic lifts have helped me alot. i’ve been doing hang pulls and the push press and have noticed a difference. but i would get well aquainted with general lifts before trying olympic lifts.