What is this GAMABOL cycle thing? Everybody is telling me different cycles and i have no clue on what to do or take. I mean i don’t want a lot of side effects, preferably the more serious ones. And I want something that will make me a better fighter, stronger, etc. I’m not very strong all i am is fast. Would like to be more powerful. Thank you guys, I hope you can help me

It’s in issue 77 of T-mag in the Strasseroids column. (Amazing what 10 seconds of work and a search engine can do isn’t it?)

I have been searching, tyring to find info about GAMABOL but can’t seem to find it.

That’s probably because it’s spelled Gramabol not Gamabol. Your hair will fall out, BTW. You know that, right? (Or at least some of it.)

Snake, that cycle will run you $650 to $850, but you’ll likely put on 35 pounds and get some great strength. Thing is, as a boxer, do you want to gain over 30 pounds? What about weight classes?

WHOA! 30 lbs? 35 lbs? GEEE! That would put me up in heavyweight, my I didn’t think there was such a thing. I do not want my hair to fall out. I just want to be on powerful boxer, I am well trained and need a boost of power and strength. I wanna look mean, act mean, and be mean… Thank you guys for replying, I am just looking for a cycle that will put on maybe 15-20lbs

I have heard that boxers like Halotesin(sp?).
You wont get much of a weight gain from it,
but you will get stronger and much more
aggresive. Do a search on your browser for
“steroid profiles” and do a little research
for youself.

I would think that Tren would be great for you. Some Fina and a kit or even finasol would really help your strength. Also, try a search for CombatAthlete, he had a really nice thread going on training and cycles for combat athletes.

Hey snake, are you just a puss? Your a boxer. The desire to compete comes from the inside. Roids ain’t gonna fix that. You need to sit back and think about how bad you want to win a fight or a title and let that motivate you. Yeah, a cycle will make you big and strong, but if you don’t want to win more than the other guy, your’ just gonna get your ass kicked. Hopefully this will piss you off enough to go back in the gym or ring and get so mad your eyes tear up and you destroy whatevers in your way. DON’T BE A BITCH!!