Natural Remedies / Lifestyle Changes?

I guess I’m rather blessed with a naturally good physique, but I’m seeking to improve it. While drugs are definitely out of the question for me (I did experience some roid rage), I was wondering if there are any food/natural remedies/lifestyle changes that may help boost the body’s natural androgen levels. Also, I would like to know the importance of sleep to androgen levels. Thanks!

Have you heard of Tribex-500?

Just off the top of my head…higher fat diets promote the production of testosterone, sex does the same, and more sleep equates to higher growth hormone levels. Oh yeah, if you haven’t heard yet, stay away from soy. I got an article on this somewhere. If I can find it, I’ll post it later on.

How does a person with a “naturally good physique” experience roid rage if you are natural? And I would have thought that you would researched basic questions like you ask prior to resorting to steroids. Anyway, your best bet is to start with some of the basic nutrition articles on this site.