Muscle Spasms

Can someone shed light on the cause of muscle spasms? I often get spasms in my rear delts or my calves. Theres no pain but its friggin weird. Massaging doesnt really stop it. I’m a twenty year iron vet. Any scoop?

Are you having muscle spasms or uncontrolled muscle twitching? Usually spasms coniside with pain.

Could be a number of things. Most likely culprits are dehydration or improper electrolyte balance. Get water, a few litres, everyday. And if you are drinking a lot of water, make sure you’re getting enough sodium to maintain the appropriate balance. Try having a banana and a skim milk as a pre-workout meal. If it helps, your electolyte balance is probably out of wack. Have a gatorade or some other sports drink before your next workout. Fell better?

Could also be some sort of neural adaptation. Any exercise that triggers it? Trying anything new lately? You might want to skip the massage and find an ART practitioner. Could be that the muscle isn’t firing properly due to some sort of inhibition.

The above are POSSIBLE causes. Best bet is if it persists, get it checked out and take it from there.

Potassium level is usually the culprit, low levels are more likely than high for the athlete. If you drink a lot of water or take anthing that has a diuretic effect your levels would be low. Apricots and bannanas are high in potassium and there OTC supplements you could take but BE CAREFUL do not take more than recommended cause high levels are dangerous. Also abnormal magnesium and and calcium levels can cause spasms. Your best bet is to have your chemistry levels drawn (make sure they check magnesium)and go from there.

It’s uncontrollable muscle twitching.

Uncontrolled muscle twitching is caused by an enzyme diffecintcy near the synapse of the nerve cells. What happens is that a chemical message is being delivered to the muscle. Because there is an enzyme diffencientcy, to destroy the chemical message once its complete, the message is reapeted. Hence the uncontrollable twitch. This is caused by a low amount of some nutrient I can’t remeber off hand, but I’ll check my old notes…