Muscle Media 2000/EAS History Request!!!

I have seen that TC Luoma continues to receive letters from T-mag readers regarding his version of the history/story behind the rise of Muscle Media 2000 and EAS-his involvement, influence, opinions…the real interesting stuff that makes cool reading as you’re flipping through old issues of MM2K! Now, listen everyone…seems as though our beloved TC has quite a heart, and doesn’t want to turn something like that into a ‘slamfest’ against EAS; he would rather keep it a clean history lesson for those curious about what was the coolest mag in bodybuilding history (until now, of course!). So, I am starting a ‘request list’ for those interested, kinda like what racer is doing with the Brockabol 250. Maybe if enough people sign up, TC will reconsider (he said he would have Chris Shugart interview him), as long as we can convince him we’re interested in his history with MM2K and EAS, and won’t turn it into something derogatory against EAS. Guys, TC was on the ‘inside’, and this would be one hell of a story!!! Barring any legal issues, I hope he’ll be inspired by our audacity and persistence, and tell us the story!

I think it would be interesting to know the history.

Sounds like a great idea. Like many of you, I was a huge fan of MM2K and still cherish my back issues (up until around issue #60, of course).

TC sack up tell us the f@#$ing storie. F the mother F and his Lamborgini That bitch sits up on his f ing throne saying look what I did for the industry. bla bal bla… Knock is ass off.

TC-I would enjoy hearing the story. I don’t think most of us want personal attacks on BP, just the truth behind your departure and MM’s downfall. By the way, has anyone noticed MM is now owned by a major publishing company, EMap USA. They also publish magazines like SLAM, Skateboarder, Snowboarding, etc. I work for a sports marketing company and EMap is one of our clients.

count me in!

Well, I guess I would be the only person (so far) who would not care much about that story if it takes place of one of the precious training/nutrition articles T-mag staff and contributors manage to turn out every week. I do not have a sentimental attachment to old issues of MM2K and could not care less about BP and what he does or says. He can declare himself the king of the world and shove his Lamborgini up his ass and it will not register on my radar as something significant.

That said, an article like that would probably be beneficial for me to read anyway because of historic value.

Before you start e-mailing me with anonymous bomb threats I should say that I am just expressing my opinion. Also, I do not have a veto power over what T-mag publishes or do not publish. So, do not blame me if they axe the idea.

I’d love to know what really happened. I really had faith in Bill & after that I am VERY suspisious of everyone. Let the truth be known!!!

I heard from a rep for EAS the reason why Bill Phillips isn’t exec. editor for Muscle Media any longer is that he went to rehab for X addiction.

Hey guys, ever consider the possibility that there’s not much interesting to tell? Maybe part of the reason TC is hesitant to divulge everything is that it’s not as exciting as many have built it up to be.

YES. More story good.

I think what makes this story so interesting is how fast MM2K rose to the top, and yes, changed the entire industry of supplements, drug knowledge to misinformed people, etc…I mean, shit, careers were made! Charles Poliquin, TC, Dr.A. Scott Connelly of famed Met-Rx; all these guys became famous partly because of their affiliation with EAS. How many of us would really even consider the importance of MRP’s, creatine, L-glutamine, whey protein, (what about the whole ‘scandel’ behind HMB?), if it weren’t for the aggressive marketing ‘talent’ of Bill Phillips, and the knowledge of the guys working with him? Even if it did turn out to be a boring story, at least people that are curious can feel a bit satisfied…

I would like to hear the whole story too. I didn’t start reading MM2K until the summer of '96, but it was far and away the best mag out there. Reading an old issue of MM2k and comparing it to MuscleMag or Flex, you can see there is no real comparison. The Testosterone print mag is the closest thing out there today. I think the true story of MM2k’s demise would make for great reading.

Yes, count me in

I too trusted Bill Phillips like I have never trusted anyone in the supplement business. I remember when he apologized for running an ad for a protein bar before the lab assay came back. Turned out the bar was crap. Bill apologized and offered to reimburse anyone who had bought the bar because they had seen it in his mag. No receipt was necessary, just tell him how many you bought and how much you spent and he’d reimburse you. That made a huge impression on me. It may make it easier to trust other company’s if the whole truth was known.

Yeah, it would be interesting to know what happened. I just thought that, for obvious reason, you weren’t supposed to publish racy memoirs until after the principle subjects were dead. Do you think it will be a better story than the Venice Beach Sex Cult thing?

I would be very interested in that story. But only if TC wants to do it. I mean, if there is really no story to tell, or if he already has said everything that there is to say about it, then I don’t really want to hear it, and I’m sure TC wouldn’t want to waste his time. But I really believe that there is a lot more to say about the begenning, MM2K at its peak, and I’d really like to hear what was going through TC’s brain whenever things started going down. And, even if it is a boring story (which I’m positive it’s not!) TC would sure as hell liven it up with his wild sense of humor!

 It has been years now! Tell us what really happened TC!  

Oh, you guys got me inspired… you know what I really want to know? Who was it that came up with the idea to go mainstream. Was it really old BP himself, or did his Board of Directors tell him to get off his sculpted duff and make some money 'cuz “profits were down!” After all, it was a very, very clever bit of marketing, the whole Body for Life thing. I mean, Joe W never got a book to go #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for weeks at a time, or turn himself into a national level celebrity. Is Bill P really that smart all by himself? Harvard Business School could probably use BforL as a case history for the freshman class.

As an ex-MM2K subscriber (the only muscle mag I ever subscribed to)who used to procrastinate in the campus bookstore at UMASS by devouring all those issues that kicked ass, I have to admit I wanna know the scoop on what happened. If only for the sake of good memories and great workouts.