BP = Butt Plug

I know most of you must be sick about talking about this… BUT WHAT THE F@#$ happened to Bill Phillips? I used to be a huge fan of MM2K and “accidentally” surfed to his web site. Christ… Everything about him is so dry and corporate now. I’d love to know what happened.
By the way Dan Duchaine rocked. He really gave a third dimension (to me at the time) about lifting and everything that surrounds it.

He sold controlling interest in MM/EAS and moved on. I don’t believe he has much involvement (if any) in those companies anymore. Basically, it has that generic/corporate feel, because that’s exactly what it is now.

Yeah I used to like reading his mag, but latley it’s been the same stuff rehashed over and over. Also they changed to formula in myoplex, now it does not mix up as thick and it taste’s different.

They actual interviewed him recently for some (unforgettable ) mag. I don’t think he’s as involved in EAS, MM as before. He’s sort of in semi-retirement. But I remember a particular comment of his. The pompous bastard says, “I had a choice. I could have gone to medical school and become a doctor to help people. Instead I chose to help people at what I do know.” Hmm, becoming a doctor or becoming the equivalent of a used car salesman. Thanks Bill, but I’d like a real MD to examine my prostate, if need be. Cocksmoker.

What is so bad about this guy? Is it that he’s helped people get in shape? Gee, what an asshole! He has helped more people than Joe Weider ever has—physically and financially as well. I know it is cool to bust on this guy, and my favorite mag is Testosterone, but I believe Phillips is gold in the mainstream fitness arena. TC is great at what he does and Philips is great at what he does. I don’t give a shit if they had a falling out at MM2K, they went their separate ways and have thrived individually. There’s room for everyone.

Hey, lets be fair to Bill Phillips. I know everyone here likes to give him a hard time but he did a great job with MM2K until the magazine went mainstream. MM2K was my first exposure to the “real” side of body building (i.e. the pros use steroids not CellTech). I know it sucks that he went mainstream, but can you really blame him with all of the money that he has made? It’s not like he cheated anyone. The whole HMB thing would be the closest that he came to “cheating” or “lying” that I’m aware of, but that is the only one.

Ok… let me clear my first statement. Ultimately, I dont think he’s a real butt plug and dont think he deserves to go to hell or anything like that. As far for him and TC having a fall out : I didnt know anything about that. I never even thought there was a “personal” side to this story. And yes… just like some of the other greats (like Oprah and David Korresh) I’m sure he’s influenced alot of people in a good way… But if you put all that aside I’m just curious how a guy that was soo cool and liberal in his thoughts could change soo much. I just curious. Did he have a near death experience? He could obviously do whatever he wants to in life. Without a doubt he’s still doing more good then bad. Hope that put it in perspective:)

I think Bill Phillips is a butt plug. Not just because he turned into a girlyman, but he changed just to make a buck. What would we think of John Davies if he decided to not train athletes and only train old housewives on some circuit training thing? He pretends that he is the only source of information out there for these people. It just frustrates me when someone is moving everyone back in the right direction in the fitness industry then turns around fucks it all up again.

Roman: I think the change was just a reflection of his changing lifestyle. He had lost interest in the “hardcore” scene, was running in some pretty fancy circles (celebs, business executives, etc.), and was more interested in expanding his business. Basically, his priorities and interests changed. It’s something you’ll notice with a lot of small businesses or individuals that hit it big.

I hate to do this, I really do because i sometimes feel the same way everone feels about this. Let’s look at the whole Phillips thing from a reality standpoint. In reality just about everyone wants to help someone else out, but everyone must ultimately look out for number 1. Phillips is genuine and he showed both sides of himself. He started out with showing the true sides of pro bodybuilding and discussing gear and all of that lovely stuff that people began lusting to read…he had an idea and it worked. The man had to move on to the next level to make the serious money…mainstream. He knew that he had to “sell out” the advanced guys and go for the newbies to make the dough. He helped alot of newbies, made a few mistakes with some of the hype he gave his supplements and knew when to say when and sold his company. Overall from his individual standpoint, he got rich, became a household name and did it all doing what he absolutely loves to do. Now he’s probably sitting somewere doing nothing but enjoying life. He took care of number 1…that is reality.

I look at it this way. If that sumbitch didn’t screw up with his core guys (we all know who i’m talking about) that basically made MM2K what it was we may not have T-Mag and Biotest. We wouldn’t have the innovative cutting edgae products that biotest offers and we wouldn’t have the ultimate online mag that teaches and entertains at the same time. T-Mag has been 10x more hardcore than MM2K was at its peak. So when ripping Phillips always remember that everything happens for a reason.
Testosterone ROCKS!!!