HUGE Bill Phillips rumor!

I heard a rumor recently-- now before I say what it is, I just want to say that, at first, I dismissed it as just another lie about Bill Phillips-- I mean a lot of people HATE him. But then I got to thinking about it and it made more and more sense. The rumor is that he checked into a rehab clinic for drug abuse (possibly ecstacy). I mean, initially I laughed at the thought of it, but then I thought about something. My best friend was, at one time addicted to X, and he started becoming very “spiritual.” At first he started reading religous texts and philosophy and whatnot, but then he got downright weird. He said that he could look at people and tell me about their personality without ever having talked to them. That’s when I remembered BP saying virtually the same thing. And, of course, his writings started to adopt a “spiritual” tone. It could also explain why he changed MM2K into the wiping paper of a mag it is today… because drug addicts act erractically. Hell, addicts are the guys that quit their jobs, leave their families, and do all sorts of stupid things on the spur of the moment for no real good reason. Also, after BP sold his company he almost seemed to disappear off of the face of the Earth. What has he been doing for the past several months? Rehab unit? Man, I dunno. I mean I just got to thinking about it. I probably am wrong, and I’m still sceptical of the latest rumor, but DAMN! It sure would explain alot! What do you guys think?

I heard it was xanex or whatever it’s called, not Ecstacy. I’ve also heard that this wasn’t his first trip to rehab. First heard all this a year ago actually. Could be bullshit, though.

If it’s true, I don’t disrespect him for it. For a guy with tons of money and success to face his limitations and problems with help from others is admirable, even if there are plenty of other reasons to criticize him. On another note, Men’s Health got a good shot in this month. “Most annoying fitness guru: Bill Phillips. Wally Cleaver shouldn’t be selling us pills.”

Ah yeah Xanax… That would make more sense than Ecstacy… I couldn’t see BP at the rave scene. Well that would certainly be easier to believe since Bill seems to be a pretty anxious guy. Who knows? I’m still pretty sceptical, but like I said, if he was an addict it would explain alot!

got an e-mail the other day from phillips. said he is going to hawaii for christmas, do some some snorkling then do some book signings around country in jan. look guys, i don’t like the way mm2k wound up and i was a charter subscriber back in 93, but everybody changes, priorities change. i’m not the same guy i was eight years ago. the thing we ought to be thankful for is that he really did change the way muscle mags dealt with reality as it pertains to the average guy just wanting to add a little muscle sensibly amidst all the bullshit weider was putting out. i’m 51 years old you don’t realize how much crap we swallowed as for as supplements go. so lets just be glad that phillips introduced to guys like TC and dan duchaine and the other writers that came onboard at mm2k. t-mag is expanding on what was there before, it is just an evolution. let’s just hope this one stays the course.

 TC probably knows, but he would never tell us.

Well, I’ll be dipped in pig shit! I jus caint believe that you folks are talkin’ bad about good ol’ Bill. Why, that’s harder than three times nine!

After losing the Lamborghini, my bro jus’ couldn’t take it no more. The addiction was to HMB…he just had to prove to himself that it worked!!!

I think he took hitting his “high point” a little to literally

hey Porter, I’m rotf laughing my ass off!
Fuckin’ great!

I always knew that lunatic who ran around our streets in his undies saying “I’m stopping traffic…Wheee!” was on drugs.

Just because a guy finds his feminine side doesn’t mean he’s adicted to drugs. You get one erotic massage from Kal the creative director at MM and all of a sudden you’re a homo. Anyone of you out there who hasn’t had some sort of homosexual experience be the first to throw a stone! Well, gotta go, more uninformed suckers are waiting to buy some HMB.

redman: I don’t hate BP, but I think his legacy to bodybuilding is nothing more than a refinement of marketing techniques. As for the “evolution”, I believe the current bodybuilding mag/supplement/business scene is as bad as it has ever been (perhaps worse).

Ken P., I honestly can’t see how you could view the change in bodybuilding supplements and journalism as not having changed for the better! Now, I do my fair share of poking fun at Bill Phillips, mostly because I’m a little bitter for swallowing all that HMB that costed me a fortune! BUT, I still realize that through his ‘consumer watchdog’ journalism in earlier days, he has changed the way most companies conduct business (for how long we’ll have to wait and see)and how we view steroids. Now, maybe because of the whole HMB scandel, consumers are harder to break when it comes to selling products, but isn’t that good? If people are more skeptical, it makes supp. companies more diligent to be honest (or at least work harder to develop better products!) How could you say it’s worst? I just don’t see it! I have an open mind, and I’m willing and interested to hear what your point of view is.

hey in some way BP saved me… About 6 months ago before i found t-mag i was gonna buy something “anti-catabolic”. I did buy hmb but i also wanted some glutamine- but not ‘regular’ glutamine.’ I was torn between Cytovol (from all of EAS’s propaganda) and GEN’s Glutamine Express. I chose cytovol and wasted some $100 and never looked back. Well after scouring the t-mag archives i came accross the usnic acid article and a link to GIVING THE DEVIL HIS DUE- it was an article on Duchaine pushing LPC and how harmful it is too your system… didnt that sound familiar (it was Glutamine Express). SO all in all i didnt get as screwed as bad as most of you and maybe i saved my intestines. There is my eulogy for bill.