Looking for some recommendations on whether the poliquin books “Modern Trends” and “Winning the Arms Race” and the Ian Kings "Get Buffed"and Charles Staleys “Physically Incorrect” are worth buying. Any ratings would be great.

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You can find a detailed review of Physically Incorrect in past edition of “Stuff We Like”. Use the search engine at T-mag and you’ll find it.

I haven’t read the other books, but if you’ll do a search using the forum search engine you’ll find they’ve been discussed a few times before.

Get buffed is good. :slight_smile:

Get buffed is a very good book because it details the important principles you need to understand to improve your work outs.

The T-mag article called “The Ian King Cheat Sheets” will give you a lot of the info in Get Buffed. Most people seem to diss the Poliquin books as rehashed info they’ve read elsewhere. Don’t know, haven’t read them.

I’d say that “Get Buffed” and “Physically Incorrect” would be your best choices. Modern Trends is good if you want to know the best set/rep schemes for maximal strength. But much of the info is found in previous articles of Poliquin’s. I haven’t read “Winning the Arms Race,” but if that is a priority for you, then go for it. Poliquin’s books are not filled with a lot of information for the money. Modern Trends is only 50 pages. It’s a good book, but it really depends on your overall goals. King and Staley’s books are going to cover a lot more information. I like “Get Buffed,” but I acutally think “How to Write Strength Training Programs” is a little better for the advanced trainee.

“Get Buffed” is required reading.