Making Plain Cottage Cheese More Platable

Does anybody got any cool Ideas,about how to make a plain ol’ cottage cheese more platable?

Sugar free jello flavoring, chocolate flavoring, fruit slices, cool aid, etc.

Pepper helps.

hot sauce

my friend swears that adding crystal light to cottage cheese is very good. I wouldn’t try it!

Blend fat free cottage cheese, vanilla Grow!, skim milk and a few ice cubes. Drink post-workout. Yum!

Shredded unsweetened dole pinaple is awesome!

hold your nose or use spices

Salsa (sometimes with bit of chopped jalepeno peppers, too)

A little jam . . .

For an awesome glutamine-rich, anti-catabolic bedtime snack, just mix cottage cheese with Diet (low fat, under 10 grams of carbs) Yogurt. It’s awesome- especially when mixed with lemon or vanilla flavoured yogurt! Try to get active cultures, if at all possible. Of course, you could always create your own exceptionally active cultures by allowing said yogurt to incubate unnoticed in the darkest recesses of your fridge for a few weeks. My latest oversight became so “active” it began aligning with my 6 week old milk to put a stop to the insipid soy lobbying trend.

Does anyone have an issue with the sodium in cottage cheese?? I eat a few tubs of the stuff each week, but it is kind of high in soduim.


lowfat … nonfat… whatever

cottage cheese and tuna go good with Udo’s oil.
a little cinnamon with oil and sucralose and plain whey powder.mmmm

I found that blending cottage cheese to a smooth texture changes the perceived taste greatly. Throw in some chives, onions, or other flavorings and you have a great dip for corn chips.

Depending on the fruits you like, use any of your favorite fresh fruits chopped up and mixed with the cottage cheese (adjust to your liking). This will provide you with not only a good source of protien but additionally a few extra carbs and often overlooked fiber needed in your diet. You can also use it as a replacement in reciepts calling for other cheeses.

Thanks, guys!

I like mixing cottage cheese, oatmeal, and fruit (kiwi and or strawberries) together in a big bowl (2 small containers cottage cheese, 1 or 2 cups of oats, and 1 or 2 kiwi plus some strawberries). Let it sit overnite and then eat as snacks throughout the day. Another thing I do is to add fruit to the cottage cheese and then freeze it for about 2 hours. For me it tastes much better frozen than just refrigerated.

If you can find it, buy Israeli cottage cheese. The stuff from Tnuva tastes the best, but you can also get it from Strauss and one other company that I can’t remember off the top of my head. They all have 1/2%, 5% and 9% fat. I can’t even eat cottage in America, there’s really no comparison. You should be able to find it at Israeli carryouts/small grocery stores. Lot’s of em in LA (on Pico) and I’m sure in New York too.

It is best served on a bed of buffalo wings.