Losing It Up Top

Hey all. Anyone have experience treating male pattern baldness? I’m only 23, but my hair has thinned significantly, so I’m exploring treatment options. A combo of Rogaine and Propecia would seem to be the most aggressive route (I wouldn’t consider anything surgical), but the makers of both of these products are so guarded about their claims that I wonder if they really do enough to make them worth the combined ~$1200 dollar/year they’d cost. I mean, if they wouldn’t make my hair grow back to a significant degree, I’m not interested enough to shell out that kind of dough. Anyone have any tips/suggestions/experiences to share?

shave your head now while its still your choice, otherwise your gonna be pissed in a couple when you have no choice

I’ve been using Propecia for the past 7-8 months. I’ve noticed that I’m not losing much hair anymore and have very little fallout. But I have not yet noticed any regrowth. I know it will take at least a year to notice regrowth, and possibly two years before you can tell a big difference. So either make the decision to invest and go through with it, or learn to live with it. Buy your Propecia online from “drugstore.” They have the best prices I’ve seen. And of course, if you have the right shaped head you could shave it off. I’d do that, but I wouldn’t look good. I don’t have the right head for being shaved!

Hey bro shave it off man. I have shaved mine since I was 23. As was mentioned do it now while the choice is yours. I have never regretted it for an instant bro. The look suits me perfectly and i should have did it sooner, woman love it.

Zev check this out (This should answer all your questions or at least most of them): In the June issue of Scientific American, they have an article on hair loss and remedies. It’s on pages 70-79. It might be posted on www.sciam.com as well. This should definately help out. I’m sure a lot of T-men will find this interesting, even those who fortunately do not experience this problem.

I spent about $10 a few months ago and made the best investment women wise I ever could.I got some triple blade razors
I shaved it all off and keep it mean and clean at all times.
Grew a goatee as well and lets just say I should have done this a long time ago hehe
I now appreciate what a woman goes thru to keep her sexy legs so nice and smooth yummy.

Nate, do you have any of the sexual side effects that are associated with Propecia? I was told that there is decreased libido, decreases ejaculate and potential impotence.

If its getting really bad, just shave it! This says something about your personality. I like guys. With hair, without hair, it does not matter. Comb overs and toupees look desperate, kinda sad, and old. Oh, and I love goatees,I know women that don’t though. Do whatever YOU are comfortable with and that confidence will make you look better.

I have been using Finastride(Proscar/Propecia) off and on for the past few years. It works and is probably your best bet right now. Saw Palmetto is also very effective, you’ll want the extract that is standardized for 85 - 95% fatty acids and sterols. Nizoral shampoo is worth looking into as are a few other things. Rogaine is iffy, it usually works but then usually stops working. You really need to check and try these things yourself to find out how bad the side effects will be. Everybody reacts differently with drugs. I have had good results with all of these, and I believe the “bad” side effects are over-hyped sometimes. Duchaine(R.I.P.) used to put out a lot of good info on hairloss.

…or just shave your head!

Male Pattern Baldness = one of the most common phenomenons on earth.

I think I’ll start going bald soon too.

Keep it cut very short on the sides and back and then don’t worry about it.

I really don’t think people CARE ABOUT HARE.



Krak, sorry for the delay in answering your question. No, I have never experienced any of the sexual side effects with Propecia. That was a concern of mine at first, but realized that it wasn’t a problem. It affects about 2% of people.

A Girl, I'd shave it completely if I had the right shaped head. Until it gets bad enough to warrant shaving, I'll just keep it very short. It sucks that it's my friends who tease me the most about losing it. What a great group of friends, huh? And yes, I do have the goatee that you so adore! ;) I've had it for quite some time and don't shave it off. It's true that some women don't like facial hair. Oh well, I'm not shaving it for anyone! :)

I agree with Nate. Shave it only if you have a round head. Agirl, i shave my head and have a goatee. Wanna hook up? I look just like bill goldberg in the face. Im still trying to get there in the body though. Only 60 more pounds to go and ill be there.