Im losing my hair!!!! :(

Man im 23 and im bloody losing my hair already!!! wtf with that! i can see my front hairline disappearing. Its not really noticeable now but if you lift my fringe up you can see it! Im just worried that in about 1 yr or 2 i’ll go bald and look bloody ugly! I shaved my head once and i looked like a monkey! lol.

Anyway, i think my girlfriend will dump me cos she said i look too good with hair and shes always saying how she’ll find someone else when i go bald(in a joking way sort of - but i can tell shes really not joking). Should i start looking for someone now that really wants me or should i wait until it actually happens! I dont think i’ll pick up when im bald cos i wont have the looks.

Can anyone give me any advice as its really worrying me about going bald. Im not imagining my hairline receding… Its going pretty fast actually and i cant afford any of these expensive creams and shit. And what experiences have other baldies had, or that others have heard of.

A guy I used to row with had a receding hairline when he was 17. Patrick Stewart look ed the same as he does now when he was 25. I think some guys are just like that.

Sorry to hear that bro, my hair started thinning when I was 21(23 now). I decided to shave my head, right away the ladies loved it and I’ve kept my head shaved ever since.

dood if you were close by I’d give you a hug

you sound like you really need one

go home to your momma for xmass and hug her a few times

it will be aight…

My hair started thinning when I was 23 (I’m almost 27 now). So I just started cutting it shorter. After a while, I began getting tired of losing more hair, so a year ago I started using Propecia. The only thing I noticed is that it slowed down hair loss. But I never noticed any regrowth. So after all these years, I recently decided to shave my head very short, but not down to skin (no razor). I thought it looked funny at first, but my friends thought it looked great on me. They actually say it looks much better and also gives me a “tougher” look. So I’m going to just keep shaving my head and stop taking the Propecia once I run out.

As for a girl, if she won’t like you if you lose your hair, then she’s definitely not worth keeping around long term. I have always been bothered by the fact that I have been losing my hair, but you know what? If that’s the worst thing that happens to me, I can say I’ve been pretty lucky. There are so many other things that could happen to you that would be much worse than losing your hair. And I’ve recently met a few ladies who actually find shaved or bald heads very attractive. So there is hope for us bald guys! Besides, you may have more “T” flowing in your body than the average guy.

Now, if I could have kept my hair, I would have. There is no doubt about that. I used to have thick, curly, long hair. And it was pretty damn sweet when I sported it. And obviously, it does make you look younger. But even with my head shaved, it still doesn’t stop 15-20 year olds from hitting on me. :wink:

Don’t take this the wrong way, but screw your girlfriend. If she doesn’t like the fact that you have MPB (like 50% of men world wide) dump here and move on.
MPB is caused by Testosterone…so lift weights hard core. A lot of women don’t care about hair…when you do go bald keep your hair on the sides and back cut very short…and smile. Baldness is part of being male. I’m probably going to be bald (like my dad) but I don’t care. Cancer is something to worry about, baldness is not!

I used to have a major complex about my hair when I in high school as I started losing it around grade 11. I’m now 27, and still have most of my hair, but it is thin in places. As I got older, I realized that there is not much I can do to control the way my hair looks but I sure as hell can control my body. Hence, the workout obsession.
Regarding the girl, screw her if she only likes you for your hair. I’m happily married and my wife could care less about my hair.
All that being said, just because I am confident regardless of my hair, there are products you can use that are cheap and effective. Visit and click on Waseda’s regimen. Use his zinc formula (the ingredients are cheap and readily available at your pharmacy or online). This formula is quite effective at blocking DHT topically and sparing your hair. Do you get that tightness in your scalp right now? I believe this is due to lack of blood getting through the scalp. Use this product and you’ll notice the tightness will disappear.
If you can afford it, add his GSE formula. This will stimulate growth.

  1. Dump her 2. Shave your head, that is what I did when I started losing hair, I am 26 now and it happened when I was in early 20s. Do you really want to become one of those losers who invent various para-hair-styles in order to cover the fact they are bald? Who gives a fuck about hair? People are strange…

Dump your girlfriend for being a superficial bitch, When you start dating someone looks and attraction are an important aspect. After you’ve gotten past the BS she should love you for who you are, not your pretty face, rippling abs, fat bank account or supercharged Mustang that makes her cum in her pants everytime you rip that first gear…sorry…got of topic for a moment. Anyways the only stuff that may help ya if you don’t want to go the propecia route is Revivogen. Guy I live with has been thinning since he was 18, started with revivogen about a month ago and he’s had awesome results with it.


hey Nate or anyone else, do you know if Propecia has any affect on muscle building?

GET RID OF HER!!! Trust me if a woman would leave you for something as trivial as hair she’ll leave you over anything. I had long dreadlocks for years before my hair started to go.My then girlfriend made a similar comment. After I dumped her ass I shaved it clean as a babys bottom. I 've gotten nothing but compliments from the ladies since. You’d be surprised how many women I’ve never met before ask to rub my head. As long as you’re a nice guy a real woman will see that before a receding hairling.

LMAO! That was great bro! I loved the whole “supercharged Mustang that makes her cum in her pants everytime you rip that first gear” bit. I do that in my Type R! LOL!

Jo, as far as I know, and from what Bill Roberts has said, Propecia will not affect muscle gains. The only possible side effect is on your libido. Also, the newest thing about to hit the market is duresteride. It promises to be much better than Propecia. Maybe that will be a godsend for those seeking to curb hairloss. At this point, I'll keep my head shaved for now on. I use less shampoo, no more gel, and I don't have to comb my hair!

Get on Propecia & 5% Rogaine,
they will help you from losing
more hair. Next year
Dutasteride is coming out. This
will be more effective than Propecia.
Take advantage of these meds.
I didn’t regrow a lot but I am keeping
the hair I have, which is great.

Someone who cares about you would
not make fun of your hairloss.

If you have the gene for hairloss, the only ways you can avoid it is to choose different parents, or have you balls cut off by the age of fourteen. Yeah, I know. I would rather be bald than to give up my nuts for hair. You may consider getting hair plugs or a toupe, but the problem with that is once people find out, they label you as being insecure with yourself. I’m losing my hair also, and when the time comes, I’m going to go all out and get the worst toupe ever. Ever seen Roy Orbison’s wig? That’s what I’m aiming for. Hey, there’s nothing I can do about it, so I might as well make light of the issue. But only for a short while till I move on.

bleh, shit happens…deal with it.
happened to me at 21, im 27 now …the only major downfall about hairloss is if you let it affect your self confidence cause then your not going to score fuck all…i cant affect my hair, but i can build a wicked physique.
that earns WAY more points in my book

I am 24 and have had a “high forehead” since my freshman year in high school. Everybody there thought i was losing the hair, but it is a recedED hairline, not one that is recedING. Get it from my dad’s side…some skirts like it, others don’t…has that distinguished “Look”…although my hair is not thinning, every jackfuck that said something i love to go back to and watch them bald when they called me “rogaine” in high school…now that I am more jacked than any of them too, its more refreshing.

Peace out, and good luck…oh by the way, if your chick is like that and would dump you over your hair its time to deep six that piece of rubbish and peace out of that relationship.

Fist of all hair loss happens in spurts. You might keep what you have now for many years before another “spurt”. So just chill out. Wait and see. If your hair loss does get out of control, SHAVE IT. You need the following to have the shaved look working for you. Big a huge muscluar beast, or really FAT. I’m serious, because skinny or mildy athletic guys with shaved heads look like they have AIDS. (IMO). Enough about your hair. Now to your gf… How should I put this? hmmmm … Oh yeah. She’s a cunt. Originally I would have said to dump her immediately. But the sad truth is that its much easier to pick up if girls know you are already taken. So keep her as a tool to get yourself a new gf. And when the time is finally right give your old gf a soft kiss… then fuck her in the ass, cum on her back, punch her behind the head and tell her to hit the bricks. (ok… I’m kidding about hitting her)- Good luck in the future PS Ugly chicks are nicer. And pigs are sweethearts.

LMAO! I agree, fuck her in the ass! It’s a nice tight change. And you never know, she may really like it. I’ve had a girlfriend who loved that. I’m a professional ASSMAN now!

Man this thread makes me piss myself everytime i look at it. Good advice from everyone!! Im on propecia(thanx Nate) now to stop my hair from leaving me…sob sob!! I’ve been thinking about my g/f and everyone is right… Shes a very shallow person and if the time comes where i do have to fully shave my head and she ditches me, then so be it. Better off with out her sweet ass…sob sob again! As Roman said, Ugly chicks are nicer. And pigs are sweethearts. LMAO!!! PISSER!!! :slight_smile:

P.S Better become a muscular beast so i dont look like an AIDS patient!!! STILL PISSING MY SELF!!! :slight_smile:

Some girls think bald men are sexy – I think, if ur losing hair, just trim it down REALLY SHORT/ if ur girl doesn’t like it, she desn’t deserve to be ur girl…
And what’s with this butt-f*#*ng? it’s not like u do it in broad daylight, do you??