Hairloss? Yet Again

I know this has been covered many times before. But I’m still looking for some good advice.

I am in my late twenties. I don’t use gear. There is a history of MPB in my family. I am starting to see some thinning. Nothing serious yet but I want to nip the problem in the bud.

Any advice for a guy who is very worried about his hair? Propecia? Those shampoos? Minoxidil? I can’t seem to find anyone who agrees on a solid prevention program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

start propecia immediatly. you need to reduce circulating levels of dht in the body. propecia will do this quite effectively at 60-70% reducing remaining 30% – green tea extract, soy, zinc [60mg a day for short periods] this will work provided you give it time [ at least a full year] and your hair follicals arent already dead in the thinning areas. dont worry… this process will take a couple of years of not doing anything about it! then it is too late.] shampoo’s?? do nizoral 4-5 days a week max. as it is very drying to the hair. leave on area for about an hour or untill it dries. then rinse out and go over whole scalp with a good quality brand [ aveda shampure, artec volume, recommended ] conditioner only if needed as you dont want too much of it getting into scalp for now. modify your diet to exclude red meat and fatty things like bacon and cheese. fats only serve to inlarge the follical due to increase in sebum production. this is not what you want. nobody said it was going to be easy, but for those that have hairloss problem – you have to seriously invest alot of time and patience if you are to sucessful in this fight.

Propecia is expensive bro. Go get som saw plamento extract. Will work just as effectively as propecia at about a third of the cost. Also b-100 complex vitamins will provide the required nutrients you hair and nails require. It takes time, but remember you didn’t lose it overnight either.

DC: I know many who are using gear and having great success at either maintaining or regrowing hair with the use of prescription 2% Nizoral shampoo and a compound made by Minoxidil called Xandrox. I think it comes in two separate bottles: one for morning use and one for evening. Also, spironolactone is used in the evenings before applying the evening dose of Xandrox. Most of this can be found on the Minoxidil homepage, and the Nizoral shampoo can be found at most overseas pharmacies. Hope this helps!

Do the same thing men like us have been doing for zillions of years already, get used to it or decide which kind of hat looks best with your face shape. If you have the money to piss away on chemicals get steroids, they at least facilitate growing something functional (muscles). When your shaven head merges into your 22 inch neck and you have traps the size of pit bulls nobody will care about your lack of functional hair follicles on your head. Just a thought.

There is a history of MPB in my family as well. I am also losing my hair. I started taking Propecia a few months ago. I really wish that I had started taking it when I noticed my hairline receding a couple years ago. Then I would be much better off now.

I highly recommend the Propecia. Get a prescription from your doctor and buy it online! It’s much cheaper online. Try out and One of those online pharmacies sells a three-month supply for $120. That is the cheapest I have seen it anywhere. As the drug store charges $50 a month.

Start now and give it time to work!

Me too ;-( Just noticed 'bout 6 months ago when a girl co-worker jokingly said, “hey you’re getting a bald spot!” (bitch!) Anyway, does anyone know, wouldn’t it be more cost effective to buy Proscar and cut it up in three, instead of buying Propecia???

I agree 100% with NateDogg and also Maclar. Get to your Dr. NOW and get a script for Proscar and cut them up in 1/4ths. I did this about 3 months ago, all I can say is that I am AMAZED. My bathroom sink/floor used to be covered with hair. Now, there are a few strands here and there. I can tell beyond the shadow of a doubt its working, big time. MPB also runs in my family. Luckily, I caught it before I have any ‘noticeable’ balding. I could live with the amount of hair I have now happily, but am DAMN glad I did something about it now, before it gets worse. I’ve tried the shampoos and other stuff, but I SWEAR by this Proscar, and will gladly take if for the rest of my life.

If your doctor will write the prescription for Proscar, then get yourself a good pill cutter. You actually need to cut into fives. Because Proscar is 5mg, and Propecia is 1mg. But if you check out prices online, you can figure out if it will be cheaper.

you have the answers, I am in my 40’s and use nivoral shampoo minoxidil 5% with retin a and proscar cut up in quarters

i hear in the future more advances will be released, however, for now i think the proscar is the best

sorry, but i strongly disagree with “steely” on the theory of baldness not being such a big deal. come on – does anyone honestly think chicks dig that look??? i dont care if you got 22" arms and 30" quads… it ruins the whole presentation if your hair is falling out in clumps. how do i know this??? the dancers i drive out from the city every weekend tell me. trust me. they DONT find baldness atractive.

15 years in the hair business and have seen some success with Nioxin shampoo 1, NX3, Cytogen, and nioxin vitamins. Read the potential side affects of the drugs, factor the cost. I’m more excited about my muscles growing than my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I worried at 18, got a hairpiece at 28, shaved my head at 39. You do what you want when you want to, just own it and be a T-dawg like the rest of us. God Bless

Is it just my age (26) or do more and more men
seem to be going bald? A guy I know said that
you are starting to see more bald men because of evolution. To clairify, it is because we are
staying indoors where it is warm due to indoor heating. Ask any bald guy if he can stay outdoors for any period of time when it is cold
out. Please post if you have any ideas on this.
Because I’m not sure what to make of this idea