Isolation movements

I was thinking about discontinuing isolation movements for my biceps and triceps and relying on compound movements which work them secondarily. After a good back/chest workout, my arms are sore for a few days and when it comes time to train bis and tris, I feel like I’m overtraining them. Has anyone tried this approach? If so, how did things go?

That’s what a crazy trainer friend recommended for me back in the days when I first started training.
It definately worked then - but, then again, so would living in a hole (since I was a beginner).
A friend of mine periodically trains this way, and he’s bigger than I am, so it looks like it works. Of course, he also ingests more “illicit substances” than I do. Best recommendation - try it and see if it works. i don’t think it will do any harm. The least it will do is give your arms a nice break.