Insulin Index

What is a good web site or information source to look up the insulin index of common foods?
Thanx for your input.
Andrew Jones

What do you mean by insulin index? I’m wondering if your are referring to the Glycemic Index of foods, meaning which foods have a slower sugar absorbtion rate.

If this is the case I’d suggest you try and search under their GI Database.


Did you mean a glycemic index? Here’s a link that has one just scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a glycemic index: Trusted Health Advice | healthdirect

This website has alot of information about diabetes and insulin whatever you want to know.


If you are looking for an insulin index info then try,

It is important you read the text that goes with the table otherwise it is easy to misinterpret the data.
hope this is of use.


I have a page saved from a very interesting JS Coleman article I found several years ago. I can’t find it now, but if you PM me with your e-mail address I will reply with the file. The glycemic values differ greatly from the insulin values in a lot of cases. Berardi has written a lot about it as well.