Insulin Index / Massive Eating

I just read John Berardi’s interview on Ian King’s Get Buffed newsletter. Between that interview and his Massive Eating articles, I’m excited about the insulin index. The only problem is, the web doesn’t seem to have one anywhere, and neither do the bookstores. Is it just too early… will they be coming out in the near future?
Until I get my hands on one, I’m going to continue to drink a gatorade and a protein drink after working out. I’m sure gatorade tops the list on both indexes.

browncy…I too found the insulin index and whole insulin shabang brought forth by my good buddy JB to be astounding and intriguing. I have not yet delved into it as much as I would have liked, but if you enter insulin index (in quotations) in a search engine (I used Yahoo) you should come across a site with the actual study or results that JB referred to a while back. However, the authors only looked at about 30 or so different foodstuffs. This is relatively new, so there’s not a whole lot out there. But I guarantee that it will pick up and we’ll start to see more lists, similar to the GI lists that are so prevalent.

I just found the original study JB refered to
as well as another study, several food Insulin
Index graphs, and a list. I expected there
to be some differences between the II and the
GI, but I was floored by how much difference
there is in some foods between the two. Also,
beef fish and fructose release more insulin
than I thought they would … this is some
good shit! I can’t wait until we have a more
complete list…

Thanks for the heads up Timbo.I’m adding blended jelly beans to my pw drink.

Hey free E–Where did you find the graphs of foods? I found the abstract John referred to in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Thanks for the help.

Go to the google search engine and type in
“Insulin Index” and you should find at the
top of the search results. It’s a site in the
UK. Only about 3 dozen foods listed so far.
Yes, jelly beans have the highest insulin
response of the foods tested so far.

jd…if you do the search that I mentioned in my former post–I have done it on Yahoo–then the first search result (link) should be the research article with two different graphs. If you still can’t get it I’ll try posting the URL. Let me know. Hope this helps.

Timbo and Free E–Thanks! I found it through a yahoo search. I’m a type 1 diabetic and am interested in John B’s stuff. Of course, I’ll have to tinker with it.

Just a small FYI: Yahoo uses google as their serch engine. Same thing…