If you had 1 exercise . .

If you would have one exercise to perform per body part, what would they be? What is your reasoning?

This isn’t an easy question to answer because there are so many factors to take into consideration. Some exercises might not work as well for certain individuals. And each exercise has a substitute. But here are a few of my recomendations. It involves many of the basic exercises that should be a staple of everyone’s routine.

For overall strength and power, I would go with the Power Clean or Clean & Jerk. This lift will build strength and power throughout the whole body.

For mass and strength in the legs (and the entire body), I would stick with deep squats and/or deadlifts.

For the back, I would stick with chins but would also want to do some rowing movement (deadlifts or barbell rows) because you have to work the back from both angles.

For chest, the bench press is probably the best thing. But for carryover to real life, I would use a close grip (10-14 inches).

The push press or standing overhead press would be great for shoulders.

And if arms are taken into consideration, impressive size could be built in the triceps with some sort of extensions or dips. For biceps, you would want to do some sort of curl (EZ bar or straight barbell) and supinated chins.

It's not space science. It's using the basic exercises and following through with a plan and a goal in mind. To make gains you have to have plenty of variety in your training. Anything will work if your body isn't used to it.

Deadlift. JR

Poliquin always said the dip is the upper body squat.

Stick with the big lifts. Squats for legs, Deadlifts for back/legs, chins for back, dips for chest and tri’s, push presses for shoulders and barbell curls for bi’s.

dips and squats

1 set of tricep kickbacks is all you need!

Deadlifts, Deadlifts, and more Deadlifts…

Dips - effectively works the chest tris, and anterior delts
Chins - Works everything in the back
Full Squats - Get’s all the legs
Power Clean - Gets everything else

POWERCLEANS would be the best exercise because it involves everything!