Best exercises for each body part?

Chest: Incline bench press vs Bench Press. For me it has to be bench press. Even though Incline is harder i just love BENCH PRESS!!!

Shoulders: Military Press vs Shoulder Press on machine. Definately Military Press for me. Special mention to Shrugs and side lateral raises.

Back: Deadlifts vs Pull ups or Lat Pull downs. I’d say Deadlifts.

Legs: Squats vs Leg Press. Leg press has actually done great things for me. Leg extensions are also great but i d say Squats.

Arms: Barbell Curls vs Tricep pull down (if done correctly this exercise rocks) This one is tough, because they are different muscles (i couldnt be stuffed writing about all the muscle groups, just briefly) I’d say Tricep pull down.

Abs: I think throwing medicine ball to trainning partner works best for me.

This is just my opinion guys, I may have missed a few great exercises. What do you guys think? What works best for you?

chest - incline flys
shoulders - military press
upper back - medium grip sternum chins
lower back - half deadlifts in power rack (set pins so you only go down about 1/2 of the way)
abs - one of those little ab wheels
biceps - narrow grip semi-supinated chins
triceps - parallel bar dips
quads - full front squats
hamstrings - good mornings or full speed sprinting
calves - seated calf raises supersetted with donkey calfe raises
forearms - holding onto the bar during partial deadlifts (you can dramatically increase the weight you can use in this partial range of motion excersize)