Ian King Program on Diet Phase

Hello T-Dawgs. I have been thinking about trying Ian King’s 12-Week Program from Get Buffed, but it is going to be cutting time very soon. Have any of you done Ian’s 12-Week programs while following a cutting diet, and what type of results did you get?

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hey mitchell, thats exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m on my 3 week of the strength cycle and starting the fourth wk of the limping series. I like the results that I’m getting but don’t expect to lift the amount of weight you could be if you were on a “bulking” phase. Sorry for the quotations. Anyway, I am keeping my muscle mass, and am still losing BF. I’m using MD6 and when my T2 arrives, I’ll also use it. Good luck with your cycle, I think you’ll like the results.