Ian King Books

I have Ian’s Get Buffed book, and was thinking about ordering his “How to write strength training programs” book. My question is:

Would this book be a waste of time if I already have Get BUffed, or would it be more detailed?

Any contribution would be appreciated.

Even though there is some overlap, I think “How to Write Strength Training Programs” is a great addition to your collection. It will have more detail and show you things that are not covered in “Get Buffed.”

They are very similar. I’d probably get a different book if I were you. MC

The how to write book is very good, I have a copy that I refer to pretty often. Ian Does a great job with his materials.

I personally think How to write…is a much better book that Get Buffed, but there is some overlap. I have all his books and think they’re all great.