Ian King Books

Hello again!
I decided to order Ian “How to wite strength training programs”…even if their is a bit of overlap.

My new question is:

For those who have his other books, such as…
Pay check to passive
So you want to become a strength coach…
How to teach strength traing exercisise…

Where these books a good read?
Get anything out of them?

Thank you for the help.

These are books by Ian King that I’ve read: Foundations of Physical Preparation, How to Teach Strength Training Programs: A Practical Guide, and Get Buffed. His books are well written and filled with information.

I don’t think “How to Teach Strength Training Exercises” is that great. So I’d skip that one.

Ian Kings books especially "how to " and “Get B.” are great reads. I seem to learn or better understand something everytime I reread them. From what I have heard about his other titles you basically can’t go wrong.