High Testosterone?

I have a serious question for someone out there. Im a very serious weight trainer who also doubles as a softball player. I take softball almost as seriously as lifting. Well last Tuesday my team started playing in the area tournament. In my first at bat I hit a homerun. Later on in the game, I made three great plays at third base which basically made it possible for us to win. In the next game later that night, I hit two homeruns one of which was a monster shot. In all i went 8-9 on the night with three homeruns and 12 rbis. It was one of my best days ever in sports. Well the next day I noticed my right nipple was very sore and a little swollen. It has since gone away, but i was just wondering if all that success in softball had jacked my Testosterone levels up and later my estrogen levels. It sounds plausable to me but I was just wondering what some of you thought. Im not taking anything except ZMA and its been well over a month since ive taken Androsol.