Hearing loss

Hey I was just wondering if this is normal. When I do squats and deadlifts on sets of 8-10(this doesn’t happen on lower rep sets) usually during my last sets I lose a signifigant amount of my hearing ability but then once a get a drink and walk around for a few mins it comes back. The same thing happens to a few guys in my gym also. I was just wondering if that was normal or if there was any way to make it stop happening.

I think this is pretty common among those who hit the squats and deadlifts pretty hard. It’s probably caused from pressure building up, holding breath and straining through the sticking point, as well all the blood is leaving your head and going to your legs. One way I’ve found to help avoid it is to take a pause between each rep and take a few breaths.

happens to me too after every tough deadlift or squat set. I don’t worry about it.

PlatinumP, the source of the hearing loss is probably from increasing the pressure exerted on your eustachion tubes (the little holes on the sides of your throat that lead to the inner ear) and/or an increase in pressure inside the soft tissues themselves. Don’t worry about it unless it persists or gets worse. If it really bothers you, you could try a little faster breath release on the concentric (lifting) portion of the movement, but this could potentially affect whether or not you finish the lift.

If you have any more concerns, get hooked up with a good ear, nose & throat doc and have them check it out.

It’s funny you brought this up, as two weeks ago I was doing a heavy set of front squats. On my way up, I lost 50-60% of hearing in my right ear. I kept trying to yawn to make it “pop.” Only it didn’t work. After a few days, it began to get worse. I went to the doctor and was told that I had fluid build up caused from pressure (most likely from the lifting). The doctor gave me some medication and told me to take it every day for two weeks. It’s been two weeks, and I still have a slight hearing loss in my right ear. Which means there must still be fluid built up. I’ve run out of medication, so I’ll probably need to go back to get more.

It was pretty scary when it happened because I thought I blew out my eardrum. Especially since the hearing loss was so noticeable, and I had a tough time hearing people or music when it was coming from the right side. I also had a constant ringing in the ear, and all music and high frequencies sounded distorted. After four days on the medication, I did notice an improvement. But it took nearly two weeks before I could really tell. Hopefully, it will be cleared up soon. It is not a pleasant experience.


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