Hair Removal- Does it work? What is the best method?

I saw this informercial on Epil Stop & Spray and it claims to remove any hair on your body by simply spraying on the area desired, wait a few minutes and wipe away unwanted hair. It says you will remain “hair-free” for up to six weeks. Sounds too good to be true. Has anyone ever used it? What do you think is the best way to remove hair?

What is the best way to remove hair?

I tried that stuff once. It sucks. It doesn’t work any better than Nair. I recommend laser hair removal. Otherwise, shaving and waxing are decent methods. Nair is quick, but it can really tear up your skin.

Look up “kitty’s consumer beware” it’s all about hair removal, electrolysis, laser, and also covers all things like epil stop and all. From what I remember on there, it doesn’t work. But look it up. I’m having a little bit of laser hair removal. So far it looks like it’s working.

Creams usually result in little blemishes and marks. I think a razor or waxing at a salon is best for temporary hair removal depending on how much hassle and pain you are prepared to go through. I’m doing a “permanent” laser treatment at the moment (soft light I think) and can say that its expensive, painful as hell, and after 6 treatments still have recurring hair every 2 months, although it is much thinner.

I’ve tried Nad’s, NO NOT GONADS, but the green goo that cute Australian lady and her daughters sell. It hurts like hell. Imagine duct taping your sack to the hitch of an old chevy pickup truck, and then having the driver peel out ripping the skin off of your nuts. That is how NAD’S feels. Instead, get a can of Barbasol, and a few Gilette Mach 3 razors, and shave. Depending on how hairy you are, it could take two to three hours to “dehair,” and only about 10-15 minutes of daily upkeep. If your girlfriend or wife doesn’t object to it, include them in the fun. It helps to have someone reach the hard to get spots(Back, shoulders, hamstrings)- the Starkdog

laser all the way!!! i’ve done every hair removal method out there…and the laser is by far the most expensive, but the best. as for pain, let’s just say i’m having the MOST sensitive area of my body done. i get a perscription creme called emla (have your laser person perscribe it) it’s really expensive even with insurance but you can’t feel the laser at all. i did it last year and had very little regrowth, only about 15%. cost depends on how big the area is, i paid about $500 for 3 ‘bikini area’ treatments. i get my legs waxed, and if you wax every six weeks or so after about 5 times the hair is much thinner, the roots get damaged when you wax and after a while they just stop making hair…but it takes time and if you don’t go regularily it doens’t thin out much.