Hair Removal

Anyone have any good remedies for hair removal? I currently use the Mach3 but was curious if anything else worked.

Any opinions or experiences with:



Anything else?

Thanks in advance.

Call me stupid, but you mean shave your chest or legs? Why?

NADS hurts. My gf tried it on me because I didn’t believe her.

GNC used to sell something called “hair away” I shave my head but I never tried it (kinda hard to hide if I do have a reaction from it) a budy of mine used to swear by it but I’m not sure if they still cary it (have not spoken to him in a while) if I get a chance I’ll buzz him and check for ya’

Laser. Expensive but great and perminant

Stay away from NADS that shit hurts like hell. As for a guy shaving his body, I’m one hairy S.O.B and if I wanna use Androsol I gotta mow everything off, it don’t feel very T-mannish but its worth it. outlaw.

Wax hurts a bit, but only for a few minutes, and it lasts for about 10 days before stubble. If you dont want the expense of laser I’d go with waxing. I would definately go to a salon though, as, especially in sensitive areas, if you wax without holding the skin taunt you will have extreme pain and bruising.

I have used Nads for over a year and have been very pleased with the results. I have fewer ingrown hairs and the pain is negligible, compared to other hot wax preparations I have tried. The only detraction is that you have to let the hair grow out to a certain length before doing it again (which is not an option for most women)…

Michelle: Have you had the laser hair removal treatment? I would be interested in hearing more about that. I can’t imagine not thinking about hair removal ever again!

Yup, I’ve had it, and have been very pleased with the results.

I figure shaving is a personal thing but thanks for asking Jay.

I might try some NADS but was curious about Epil Stop.


Found out why some people shave: So all the effort they put into being shredded won’t be covered by hair (one of the body-builder types at the gym I go to told me). He said runners, swimmers, wrestlers, bikers, and bodybuilders usually shave. Some to keep from being too hot when they work out, some to possibly shave milliseconds off their best time (like swimmers), and some for the look. Sorry, Sledge, didn’t mean to come off like a dumb ass.


If you have very thick hair, don’t use nads. It made blood drops come out of my husbands pores. Hurt him like hell. He is still talking about it almost a year later. Ladies can get away with it, and any guys with fine hair. It is messy and sticky though.