Hair removal

What methods of hair removal have people used besides shaving that have been successful? Would you also use that method to get rid of your beard?

Well, I don’t have a beard, but I have used laser hair removal. It’s expensive, not too painful (you can get a skin numbing cream), and after about 4 visits most of the hair will be gone perminantly.

Michelle, how large an area did you have to have done? What was your hair texture and did this have a bearing on how well the process worked?

I just started using Magic Shave for my face and head, it’s a cream depilatory but you can only use it once every 36 hours and it can leave patches. Also you have to wait 36 hours after using any other hair removal method to start using Magic Shave. I do like that I don’t get ingrown hairs with Magic Shave like I did with Mach 3 razors.

I’m really interested in Ultra Hair Away and other hair growth retardants so anybody with experience in that area would be helpful.

I have used with great success the Nair 3in1 hair removal product it kicks ass. I am a very hairy person (neanderthal). I had to do something about my ear hair as women find that particularly gross. I used this product and have stuck with it it works great. Technically it is not intended for the ear but it said face so I tried it and it really works well. I use it on my brow line as well now. I have not tried it for beard however I am sure it would work as well.

I haven’t try to remove any mass amounts of hair but I used my wife’s “NADS” on my leg and it was smooth as can be.

Don’t use Nads if you have very thick hair, it made blood come out of my husband’s pores. It was fine for me, but it really tore him up. He’s still talkng about the horror of it.

Michelle, can you give me some prices for the laser hair removal? I need to do something because shaving rips my face apart and I have to do it because I’m in the army reserve.

deca/dianabol stack.

any of you guys try those Epil-Stop sprays and roll-ons? i’m thinking about buying some to get rid of some hairs on my balls.

There is a new depilatory/inhibitor called Hair No More. There are guys on another board who swear its the best hair remover/inhibitor on the market today. Don’t know if its true or not.

epilshit didn’t work at all for me. It has not worked for anyone I gave it to either. I tried it and it didn’t work so I gave what I had left to a couple friends they tried it and the shit didn’t work for them either. Save your money.