What exactly are the signs of gyno or bitch tits. Is the tissue soft and swolen, much like a woman’s? Or is it hard or lumpy. Are there knots or cyst like growths underneath? You see, I have pretty good pecs and have not touched juice in over 12 years. I have and have had a large, oblong knot in the tissue under and to the outside of my left nipple. It does not seem to be visually noticeable to others. I asked my doctor and he seemed to think it was fairly natural and nothing to worry about. He is also in his mid-seventies and maybe unfamiliar with bitch tits. What should I be looking for for self diagnosis. I have done Androsol and Nandrosol with great results and no apparent irritation, but it does get mildly sore after a hard chest workout. Please guys, some adice. I am getting a little freaked here.

There’s an article at T-mag called “oh no, it’s gyno” or something like that. Look it up if you haven’t already.