Byp0`s pics raise a good question about gyno - how do you tell if you have it?

Okay - In Byp0s post about his results one of the responses says that it looks like he has a mild case of gyno. Well I myself have nipples similar to those of Byp0 in his 171lb picture. Im wondering how to tell if I have - or have ever had a mild case of gyno. In that other thread there is also a post that says gyno hurts like a motherfucker and that under the nipple is a natural fat storage area for men. Okay - so now how do you tell the difference between natural fat storage and gyno. How much does gyno actually hurt? I`ve been wondering about this for a long time - any ideas would be appreciated.

Okay - so is it that simple - that if your nipples dont hurt like a motherfucker you dont have gyno?

I actually had a mild case of natural occuring gyno when I was a teenager. It only hurt like a mofo while it was “growing”. After the growth phase it no longer hurt. Either way I had it surgically removed. Now I have crappy scars, but thats another story :wink:

I’ve got very mild gyno, which isn’t especially bad at all and doesn’t worry me enough to prevent me from taking my shirt off =) It no longer hurts, but when it was growing in my mid-teens, it did quite a bit. I’m sure there are plenty of old posts floating around about this?