GV2K tempo & rest periods makes me weak

Any forum participants out there actually follow the GV2K protocol as TC prescribed? I just started today and used 90 second rest periods for chest with a 402 tempo. My usual incline is 205 for 10, so I thought I’ll just try 185. It spanked me; I barely got 9 reps. After that, I dropped 10 more pounds and did 8 reps. By the time I got to flat bench, 135 was kicking my ass! I’m one of those guys who’s been lifting since the 70’s, so my standard tempo has always been around 101, probably more like .5-0-.5. I always use good form, but the drastic difference in tempo makes me look and feel like a lightweight. Is this drop in poundages going to do any good? Can I expect my weights to increase? I know this is a high-volume routine, but I actually feel like I’m undertraining because of the light poundages.

I followed it for three weeks as a change from doing too much low volume, high intensity stuff. The first week left me incredibly sore. The second and third weeks weren’t as bad. I used fairly light weights,and followed the tempo prescriptions as close as possible. Obviously, you can’t expect to do it exactly as prescribed on every set of every rep. But you can get fairly close. I’m sure I had tempos of 301 instead of 402. No biggie. Just try to stick with it as close as possible.

I did taylor the routine so it was more suited to me. I changed some of the exercises, and I used different weights on many of them. Instead of how TC recommended one weight on all sets.

It worked okay. Definitely helped me break out of a rut. But I didn’t notice much in strength gains. I also had become injured about the same time I was on the program, so that halted some of my progress.

Phil, I am just beginning GVT2K and I’ve also had to use relatively light weights. However, I don’t feel I’m undertraining as I’ve been sore as hell. GVT is not a strength program. I expect this routine will aid in gaining some mass and leaning up a bit, but you can’t work on everything at once. Max strength levels will probably drop a little, but will quickly return upon going back to a higher intensity program. A few weeks of slower tempos and higher volume will probably be a nice change of pace. Just plan to check your ego at the door.

I tried the original GVT for about 6 six weeks a while back. It works the hell out of you, but most strength just plumbetted. I didn’t even really get any great mass gains either. That’s just my .02

Everytime I read a GVT2000 post, I’m always hearing stuff like, “Ugh, I’m so sore! I feel so weak!” Even Tim Patterson said this. Okay, everyone’s sore but what I’d like to hear is whether GVT2000 actually works. Did it pack on lbm? Onc person on this thread said it didn’t. I’d like to hear from other people.

I’m going to stick to it for 4 weeks and will post all results when done. This thread will be long gone so I’ll start a new one. I’m also interested in hearing from others who have firsthand experience.

I did GVT2K for 4 weeks sometime around November. It was right after I did the “12 Weeks to Greater Guns” Program, so my arms were stronger than ever before, but i didn’t know how to compare what my maximal loads would be on other exercises because i had specialized in training the arms for so long. With that being said, I feel that the GVT2K program did make me stronger. First- I was sore the following days after workouts. A tell-tale sign for me that a program is working. Second- I lifted more weight each week of the program. Definitely give the program a shot, and make sure to document your results or you definitely won’t make any progress!

I just finished 3 weeks of GVT2k. I followed the tempo and rest prescriptions closely, and put on about 4lbs of weight, and the mirror tells me a good portion of that is probably muscle.I’d been pretty stagnant at my weight for quite some time(172-174), so I decided to mix it up with the GVT. The soreness wasn’t so bad, it’s just after three weeks of it, I have absolutley no energy. It kicked my ass so bad I decided to take a week completely off, then see how my strength gains went.I’d say it’s worth a try, just remember to get plenty of protein and rest, and know that you’ll be pretty much dead after a week or so.

Get ready to grow Bro !!! TIME UNDER TENSION is one of the most important factors in BB. Remember your training your muscles NOT your ego.