For the ones who tried GVT?

How were your results with GVT guys?

I think the only thing that prevented me from gaining like 10-15 lbs. on GVT was that I wasn’t eating enough. But I still gained like 5 lbs. and lost some fat. I think it is a great program

I’ve just started, but so far it HURTS LIKE HELL.

Ironbabe, I’m surprised you’re sore. One of the things I didn’t like about GVT 2000 was that I felt no soreness whatsoever. However, I do think it’s a great workout and easy to stick to. My diet was severely lacking in calaries at the time though. I’m going to give it another whirl in 4 weeks when I get through the Ian King upper body workout, which is great in itself!

Did you stick with the 402 tempo? If you did I’m suprised that you were not sore. If I did a shorter tempo it would not have been nearly as painful.

I started GVT after doing 1-6 for a month. The first leg workout relly killed my quads. The biggest thing though I seem to be really weak and had to drop the weight way down to do most of the sets of 10. Has anyone else experienced this?

It really kicked my ass. My working weights dropped a lot after the first week. I may have overestimated my strength. I felt so burned out after two weeks that I took a week off and now I’m one week into Bring the Pain upper body program. Bring the Pain feels like a stroll in the park in comparison. I probably won’t do GVT (or GVT2000 for that matter) unless I modified it to a three workouts per week program. It was just too much.

Growth, there is no way in hell you could have followed GVT 2000 correctly and NOT been sore. The first 2 weeks were absolutely brutal DOMS. I followed it for 4 weeks and had a nice growth spurt and strength increase. I will probably do it once a year.

Yup! Stuck to the tempos as described for the workout. In general, though, my tendons generally get sore before my muscles, as in high rep training. But (in general as well) for some reason, it takes a lot for my upper body to get sore. My legs, however, can tighten up real quickly. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me! I’m such a hard gainer…

I’m very surprised someone could do this workout without any soreness…I was in misery the first week! Start off with light weights…the squats will be humbling. GVT is a great mass program. I used it for 4 weeks following the Get Buffed routine and put on 9lb while eating like a horse. I really started to feel burned out towards the end though. I would definitely not go longer than 3-4 weeks, unless you have great recovery ability or chemical assistance. This routine can also wreak havoc on the joints if used for too long. I’m interested in trying it with lower reps (10 x 5) ala Pavel Tsatsouline.

In the original MM2K article on GVT Poliquin recommended switching to a 10X6 protocol. This was after doing the regular 10X10 protocol and switching to a regular lifting (more intense) protocol for 2-3 weeks in between. He also changed the excercises the main one that I recall is instead of squats do deadlifts for 10X6. I have tried the whole program and it really did kick ass!! I think my deadlift off the bat even though I hadn’t done them in like 9 weeks was 10X6 at 275. I end up at like 325, not bad at all. What I want to know is if people have found the new GVT2K to be as effective as the old one?

I’ve done GVT once before (6 months apart). I wouldn’t be surprised that some one doesn’t get sore , but usually the first few work outs are hell. After that the only soreness I got was in my tendons and ligaments from it.

I just started GVT a week ago. Sore as hell. Working weights dropped by 10 lbs or so on most lifts. However, I would swear I’ve added an inch to the pecs (not possible, but it looks it.) I’ll try to stick to this through the end of the month.

I did 4 weeks of GVT and had the best gains of my life, by far…within 2 weeks everyone I knew wouldn’t shut up about how huge I’ve gotten… no roids, but sure a lot of accusations… think it was 7lbs in 2 weeks, and 12 by the end of the 4

Hey peachman, if my weights were going down, i’d be worried. Any weight losses also?

I haven’t done the 2k version but did the originl a couple of years ago and ache at the thought of leg day. Got good gains both size and weights throughout program. I also found it really good mentally as much as physically when you’ve done 5 sets of squats and know you’ve got 5 more to go you gotta toughen up or it’ll just blow you away.

The best routine I ever tried. I supersetted pullups with dumbbell bench presses, leg presses with leg curls and dips with dumbbell curls, along with some assistance exercises for the abs, calves and shoulders. The best gains I ever had in terms of size, of course, you have to eat properly.

I’ve used GVT as a regular change-up in my training, probably once per year, for a duration of four to six weeks at the longest. Very sore is an understatement, isn’t it? In my estimation GVT is best for people working for a thick, dense muscular look, who enjoy pain and heavy weights, and aren’t afraid to incorporate powerlifting mentality into their bodybuilding workouts. It’s also great when using the three workout per week program I do in the summertime; in fact, I may change over to it tomorrow, just because this thread reminds me to do so.

I had good results, but using his 5 day split, my arms where usually not recovered by the time I had to to chest and back again. next time I try it, I’m gonna use about 20-30 grams of BCAA’s during my workout. I’ve used glutacene with awsome results! Less soreness and much better recovery!

Anyone try GVT using lower reps like Poliquin suggests? A 10x3 routine seems like it would be great for strength ganis.

I tried mixing 1-6 with GVT and got ok results. I just replaced sets 1, 4, and 7 with a near-max lift. Anyone every try something like this?