Another curiosity thread here - do many of us have specific appearance, strength or functionality goals. In terms of appearance, some options could be (1) dont care as long as Im strong, (2) skinny waif, (3) muscular waif (ala Brad Pitt or Linda Hamilton in T2), (4) Mens Health cover guy, (5) natural bodybuilding competitor, (6) As big as possible. For my part, Im probably aiming between (4) and (5). In terms of strength and functionality, Im probably most focused on a 315 bench, other lifts in proportion, good medium distance running and volley ball functionality.

I’m aiming for between 5 and 6 in appearance. I would like to go from my current 340 lbs bench 1RM to near 400.

Dre: You really gave me something to think about, Bro! I am also aiming between (4) and (5). Aesthetics and an increase in overall health are my ultimate goals, with resistance training, aerobics, proper nutrition, and flexiblity exercises being the tools.I would like to develop greater flexibilty and aerobic capacity AND at some point begin some non-competitive Martial Arts (Any suggestions?). I am not looking at a specific strength goal or measure. However, I always attempt to increase workout intensity with the goal being muscular hypertrophy.

how much do you think those Mens’ Health cover guys weigh??? and what bodyfat percentages???

Viceguy - I was shocked by that response … I wasnt ready for someone to say that big although I guess if you were going to compete then thats the goal. Mufasa - there was a thread on martial arts and it depend on your goals - Ive done quite a bit from wushu (more like gymnastics and just for show and fitness) to boxing (pretty basic in comparison but the best way to get tough quick). Watts - Id say the MH guys would be around 180 at 5’9 (200 at 6 foot) and around 5-7% bf which isnt a big deal but once you get near the size Id say there would be months of shaping with isolations and machines (representing maybe only 5 pounds of muscle) that a BB wouldnt bother with until much later.

(4) all the way! It is MY ideal look. However, speaking to many females about THEIR ideal look, and you come up with anywhere b/w a(2) and (4). (3) would have to be the most common female response, adapting what I’ve been told to these guidelines.

Dre…‘sup big dog! You know me, I’m shooting for numero Dos, baby, skinny and waify as possible:-) LOL! Just pullin’ your chain, bro. I’m honestly shooting for the cover boy, pretty boy look. I’m sure there will be some criticism and remarks, but I like to look damn good–for myself and the ladies. I think if you’re going to bust ass, you gotta be flaunting what ya got.

I wanna look like Mike Tyson. He has good shape. His legs may be a bit small, but you can improve on that. And he definately has functional strength.

Interesting thread. Between 4 and 5, leaning towards 4.

I forget what all the numbers mean! But since I am a powerlifter/NHB fighter I train more for strength and functionality, though my bodyfat stays pretty low too and I also like to look pretty good. But shoot me if I am ever on the cover of Men’s Health ok? No offence to anyone who likes that, it’s just not me.

Interesting topic. There was an article I remember on the Whelan Strength website “Dreams and Goals in the Weight Room”. Good article. Interesting to see what the readership of T-mag sees as their goals. Mine? 5 would be my ideal. At 202 and 5’11", I’m not sure how far I have to go. But the look is just a byproduct of the training I do. I have lifting goals that I’m working toward, and hopefully they will get me to where I want to go looks wise, with some modifications to cut down (and maybe some help from an ECA stack here and there). At 37 years old, my window of opportunity is probably near its end – and I refuse to juice.

I wanna look like Mike Tyson, 'cept I’m white. I WOULD like to have the body of Duane “Rock” Johnson, all the women I know drool at the mention of that guy, but I wanna keep my hair and avoid the liposuction and gyno surgeries.

My current goal is focused on functional strength. I want to get back to being able to bench at least 1.5 times my bodyweight and squatting 2x my bodyweight. Those are my long-term goals that I plan to acheive. I will take it a few pounds at a time. In the meantime, I hope to stay fairly lean and develop a muscular physique. But I don’t think I’m in the categories that were listed. I’ll never have the “pretty boy” Muscle Media/Men’s Health cover look, I’ll never be built like a bodybuilder, and I don’t want to be some skinny boy. I’d say that I’d like to be lean, muscular and strong and resemble the body of a male gymnast, wrestler, sprinter, Olympic lifter or powerlifter. Meaning, I would need to look more like the guys that are my height and weight who compete in various sports.

Ill just put a name out for my ultimate goal which looking at the numbers would be in the 4/5 area – good ol’ Bill Davey. It doesnt get much better than that.

I train and eat to be both as strong and as muscular as possible. In winter I get fat to help these goals but then shed it in summer (since I can’t bulk in summer anyways… just can’t eat all that food in the heat!!). Since training for strength (in all bodyparts) is also (arguably) the best way to get big, it’s all good.

Dre great post man…i dunno where i’d fall in . I want to get very strong but i also want to be big …(get to a lean 195-205 at 5’9) I think the functional strength is great…i’d also like to get rid of the ol skin around my stomach so i can actually see my abs when i diet in the sumer…alas that is 5 grand away

6 of course, excuse me, but I think the Mens Health models are pussies, i once met a model in mygym and he trained like my grandma!
anyway, i think a t-man should strive to develop himself mentally and physically to his limits


I’m all for #1. I just want to be one strong son of a bitch, which is why I stick to OL and PL. But if I can get in a little #4 or #5 you won’t see me complaining.

I’m somewhere between #1 and #6. I love being big and strong, but don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be a fat POS either. Usually when I see myself getting a little too fat, I’ll diet down. Most of the time I eat everything in front of my face.

FloJo and strong as shit. My upper body is a bit bigger than hers, and I got the booty (not quite as high)but I don’t have the legs-mine are skinnier and shorter and my torso is longer. Hey, anybody know any leg lengthing workout programs?