yeah, im white too, but Tyson has a good physique

My goals are very varied. First of all, I train my abs to maintain a superb cut at all times. I also focus on strength goals, such as increasing my bench, standing curls, and power cleans. Finally, my last goal is to be able to run under 1:50 in the 800 meter run (current is 1:56). Obviously, my goals are conflicting and the running part has forced me to be somewhat leaner than I’d like (extremely low bf).

Allright, just to clear up the thing about the Men’s Health models. I read that they can way as little as 155 and as much as 180. They are all at least 5’11". I also read that some of them can hardly bench 200, no joke. Those guys are deceivingly weak. “Self-improvement is masturbation.”

My goals keep shifting. When I started lifting in 1992, I was 125 and 5’10" and I just wanted to put on a few pounds and get stronger. When I got that I wanted to be 150 pounds, then 160, then 170, then 180. When I got to 185 I wanted to get a little more ripped because I’d added some fat through years of overeating. I’ve finally come to grips with the fact I’ll never really be satisfied, and I just have to keep going and growing and see what happens. I guess I’m saying that I don’t believe in long term goals. They just hem you in.

i just want to be WPO world champion and bench 700 in my lifetime.

I just had my bodyfat measured the other day for the first time using one of those bod-pod things. In fact, it was the first time I had my bodyfat measured period. The readings were higher than I expected. I’m at 27.5% bodyfat, and I weigh 208 pounds. Oh, and I’m six feet also. This is expected though, because ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had an accumulation of fat stored around my tummy area. And I’ve also had man-boobies ever since puberty. I guess it’s genetic. I don’t ever remember being lean period. I’m gonna start John Berardi’s diet plan pretty soon and hope to look lean and mean by the end of summer. What I mean by my own definition of lean and mean is having bodyfat of 20%. With this, my goal is to look like one of those models from the old Mind and Muscle Power magazines (remember those?). I hope to achieve this within the next year or two. But my longterm goal is to look as natural as Paul Dillet. Ok, I’m kidding. My real long term goal is to look like T-Man. I’m taking MD6 right now, and I’m hoping the yohimbine will kill that hard to reach areas of fat around my love handles. Hey, if you guys and gals have any advice, or any words of encouragement, I highly appreciate it. Thanks.

I’m goal is for number 4. I’m almost there!

Too easy Reesh. Start the diet ASAP and stick to it, do at least 1 hour weights or cardio at least 4 times a week, and I guaran-damn-tee 20% in less than 8 weeks and that it will be dead easy after the first week.

Thanks Dre. I can’t wait to get started.

Someone mentioned they want a physique like The Rock. What would you guys estimate his bf% to be? Personally I think he has the size but he’s a bit smooth. I like to keep single digit bf% in the summer and go to 15% max in the winter when bulking.

Anything between 4-5 with as much strenght as posible.>>>---->

Wow, everbody jumped on this thread. Goals drive my success and they change constantly. When I started lifting 4 years ago I was a fat boy. My goal was to look like a poster boy for the Marine Corps. I dieted became cut and then found a trainer that was into power lifting. I now build the body to lift.Goals, am hopeing for the 300lb bench, I hit a 415 dead lift on monday and want 500lbs. In Sept. I will enter my first competition in the Masters class because Im 44. Lifting,body building are as addicitive as any drug! My goals change with each accomplishment. I don’t want to look like the Hulk, but I want to lift like him. Thanks.

Fascinating reading Dre! Strictly in terms of appearance, and purely out of curiosity, what does a Tman prefer in a woman’s physique?
(1) don’t care as long as she’s not a Men’s Health cover model, (2)skinny waif, (3) lean with minimal muscle size, (4) Linda Hamilton, (5) Demi Moore as GI Jane, (6) natural Body Building Competitor. My goals are between 5 & 6 so I’d be interested to know what the average Tman thinks of this look.

Heya Manimals. Great question, man. Personally I’d go about a 4.3 not only for aesthetics but to avoid mega-atrophy in the distant future. Plus I’m 5’7 167ish, and I don’t want to chuck 220 lbs. on my frame, I just don’t liek the way it works. I’d like to be able to hold my little monkeys one day and arms like tree trunks may get in the way. Don’t wanna drop da tykes. Lata.

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My goals would be: #1 as functionally strong and balanced as possible which will eventually to; #4 great physique and single digit BF%

I am going for number 1 and 4. I want to be wiry and functionally strong as hell. I want to be able to deliver power on command and with authority in the ring. I also want chicks to be all over me.

As I have improved in my fitness level and apperance my goals have changed. Currently 6ft. 192lbs and 12.5% BF. Overall goal is to see how far my genentics will take me. Intermeadiate goal is 210 and 10%