Goals for 2002

It is the time of year to create goals for the new year. My current stats are 5’10", 198 pounds, around 15% BF, age 31, 5 years of training (starting weight of 170). My primary goals are adding mass and strength. A secondary goal is to cut a little fat. So here are my goals for 2002 – add 20 pounds of LBM and get down to a BF% of 12.5%. That would put me at 212. If I were to add 20 pounds of LBM I think the strength gains will be significant as well. Think these are realistic goals for 1 year with five or six 2 on/4 off Mag-10 cycles, Massive Eating and Ian King inspired training? I’d also be interested in hearing the long term goals of others.

I currently am at 5’9" 190 @12%. I hope to increase my push press to 150x6, deadlift 300x6, chin bw+25x8, close grip bench 210x8.
I also aim to correct a nagging knee problem that has been affecting my squat but not deadlift - therefore i am not setting any lofty goals for the squat. I would like to gain approx 10lbs lean mass and drop 2-3% in bodyfat.