Hey Guys:

I am working on a GH article for an upcoming ?T-mag issue. I plan on talking about its utility for bodybuilding/athletic purposes.

Although I know quite a bit about it already, to take the article to the next level, I’ve talked to a number of heavy-hitting researcher buddies who study GH. I’ve looked at all the new literature. And I’ve talked to a bunch of users.

Anyone out there use GH and can provide some feedback or personal anecdotes for the article? If you write in let me know if you used it alone or if not, what you used with it. Also, let me know what the gains and or side effects were like.

I’d love this to be an open discussion, but if you prefer more private communication, please email me at

Thanks in advance for your responses!

I havent heard from anyone about my initial GH question. Do you guys mean to tell me that NO ONE on this discussion room have used GH? Frankly, I’m surprised. Give me a shout if you have!

Sorry, John. As for me, it costs too much and I hear that the gains are minimal anyway. I have no interest in GH. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I’m an old fart.

I have had many friends try HGH, real HGH. They all experienced great results with no side effects. A couple of them are/were very young, 17 and 19. I could talk to them and relay all the info to you if you’re interested. I would like to try it myself, but I am having trouble finding money and a reliable source; I don’t qualify for a prescription.

Ok I havent used GH directly… but at least this is a related response, I have used L-Arginine at 18 Grams a day, GBL, and various “somato max… pro… tropin.” type fizzy powders and I can feel a difference when I get the L-Arginine right (3 grams Choline, 200 mg B6… all the other stuff that forces it to work), I could feel the GBL as well, they seem to be hardness enhancers mostly, sometimes wiht paradoxical water retention, I think these things work for a short while then regulate down or something… about 3 day runs once a week seemed to work best for me.

Thanks for whatever input you guys have offered. Frankly Im really surprised that more guys on the msg board haven’t responded. Presumably few have used the stuff. But perhaps that’s for the best since GH probably isn’t the wonder drug that many claim it is (even for aging individuals).

I don’t/haven’t used it, but in the article could you talk about the relationship between glutamine and GH, I’ve heard all sorts of wierd stuff, but can’t really trust much of it whether it’s true or not. I don’t know how much info is out there on it, but you know. Come up with somthin’. Thanks for all the info.

I have used real GH, several times! I used Genotropin, which is easiest to get in Sweden!

First time! I used about 4iu every other day for 6 weeks, with about 500mg sustanon and 200mg deca per week, and 25 clomid daily. High calorie/protein diet!
Result: Didn’t really notice the GH, except for more pump during training!

Last time and the only time I really noticed the GH!
I used about 9iu every day for 7-8 weeks, with about 1000mg-1250mg sustanon and 300mg primo per week, and 50mg dianabol and 50mg clomid and 5mg glibencamide daily. High calorie/protein diet!
Results: I gained alot of weight, alot more then ever before! Partly because the clomid was not high enough and I gained water, Gh and Glibencamide might have conrtibuted to this! From what I felt Gh might have hindered strength gains abit- because of the painfull pumps I got, friends have complained about this before. Of course the steroids contributed alot to the pumps, and the glib. and so on, But main point is that I dont feel this way on roids alone. Mentaly I was all fine!
What I found best with the Gh was the fact that I kept so much of what I had gained! A couple of weeks after the cycle I almost stopped training because of injury, not caused by trainig! I, of course, lost alot of weight, but I was still pretty muscular, even after 6 months of no training I had much of my muscles left (with a little belly to:=).

I have used alot of steroids but I usually lose much of my gains afterwards I know that I am not perfect in preserving them, but that’s another story:=)

I have then started training, and have been training for almost 2 years almost naturally:=)

I belive I still have muscles left from that last Gh cycle!

Side effects, nothing really that I could point at, not at first! But now I begin to wonder! My dentist wich I havent seen for some Years untill now, She say that my jaw (my whole bitt(?) has changed alot, and that she has not seen this in young people like me (-30) except for some kind of arhtirisis(?)

Perhaps the Gh is responsible- I dont Know! I don’t have the Giant’s hands and chin and so on :=)… But perhaps, what do you guy’s think?

Forgot to mention that Gh probably helped me by not putting on too much fat(if at all) while on the high calorie diet (4000- 5000 calories). Since I held some water I did not look exactly lean, but not too bad either.

Tell me if I missed something more.