Getting lean

Does anyone know if getting to lean affects your digestion. I had bowls problems when I was pretty low, but now that I have put on extra weight, I dont have the problem. Also could it be that I have been over working my abs. I did them everytime I lifted but have since cut back on them.

Your abdominal muscles do not participate in the process of food absorption so overtraining them has nothing to do with your problems. Changing food amount and variety certainly does. I go to toilette 3-4/day while bulking and only once every one or two days when cutting. Go figure. When I switch to bulking and up the calories and my cottage cheese (main source of protein - I eat three pounds per day when bulking), I have cramps, I am bloated and the digestion is surely incomplete for the first three or four days but I am blessed with quick adaptation. Magic words: fiber and water intake. I cannot buy pure zero carb fiber like Metamucil in Croatia so I have to manage with low carbs fibrous green leaf vegetables and occasional wheat bran treat. Stuff as much as you can down your cake hole and drink water like mad.