Bloated stomach after meals

After meals I look like Arnold in Junior (ok, not exacly but you get the picture) anyway
why is this?

What can I eat that will keep my stomach flat?

I have low bodyfat (8-9%) and visible veins
on my (distended) stomach- but I´m not fat…

you might be slightly lactose intolerate. I used to get the same bloat until I realized that.

Is there any easy way to test if I´m lactose intolerant?

bateman, are you even consuming lactose at meals? I have the same problem. Carbs do it to me. It sucks. Hard to get enough calories without going all protein and fat, and that’s not my idea of a healthy way to eat forever.

Good point, I don´t consume lactose for all
my 6 daily meals, only 2-3 and I still look
like nasser el sonbaty after eating.
However water seems to make my lower gut stick
out more - i guess that´s because my bladder is

I’ve personally been wondering if it has anything to do with the abdominal muscles not holding the stomach, intestines, etc in.
I’ve increased my abdominal work, (actually I should have said ‘added’) hoping to strenghten
and maybe increase support for the internals.
Two weeks and so far no change.

just buy a bottle of lactaid and take some every meal. If it helps, then you know you are lactose intolerant.

bateman, is it just bloating after meals or is more like a constant pouch? I know you said your bodyfat was pretty low, so that’s why I ask about the pouch thing. In paper issue number three Ian answers some guy’s question about developing a “pouch” due to heavy squatting. Ian gives a few different things to work on in that’s the case: 1. stretch hip flexors every other day (5-10 min), 2. strengthen lower abs and gluteals (the antagonists), 3. work on proper posture, 4. and he also gives a technique call "thin tummy/tight cheeks (I think it’s on the site somewhere). I’m not saying that this is the problem but just wanted to give ya some insight. It’s just the water/food thing though (as I’ve noticed similar effects, even though my bodyfat is around 5 or 6).

Do you take Growth Hormone?

Ya, I have got the same damn problem except it’s allways that way! Even when my abbs are totaly riped (4mm skinfold measurement).
It sucks because if I want to take off my shirt I have to flex my abbs to make them look good.


Thank guys for replying, I think there are meritto all the answers given. I do in fact have stiff hip-flexors and that or the lactose intolerance is probably the answer.