Evil Russian

Do you guys think that his methods would be ideal for an individual who is no tnecesarilly trying to put on bulk but is trying to maintain (if not increase strength) while leaning out? THanks

I wouldn’t think so - I just don’t think a power training cycle is complimented with a cutting cycle! I would think the Evil Russians plan would work on a bulk cycle, triggering additional CNS growth in addition to mass. I may try it on my next mass cycle - it sounds pretty interesting. By the way, the “hold dumbells by your side” in between curls does seem to help!

No. Bodybuilding programs are better for changes in your body composition than are his strength training programs. You could use his method, but you would not use his strength training program for body composition purposes. He has a bodybuilding program that could be used effectively though. Basically perform 10-20 sets of 4-6 reps using his full-body tension techniques. But just like any other program, you should not use it indefinitely.