The Evil Russian

ok ok,
so all in all the evil russian seems good. i totally am up for his anti isolation stance its the way i’ve always felt. however did anyone else see the irony in the fact that hes mopposed to anabolics for fear of the endocrine system being out of whack. yet his whole program devestates the CNS. i find that odd because after the CNS gets slowly broken down and and overworked serious problems can occur. maybe im just a dumb kid but i found it odd.

I don’t know about that. He doesn’t believe in training to failure.

I don’t think Pavel is taking his training methods to the point of breaking down the CNS…I may be wrong, but I don’t think heavy lifting is going to destroy the CNS, I believe it’s only going to improve it.

You are dumb, you need to learn how to spell.

After reading some of his articles in MILO and his book “Power to the People,” I can see how his training works. In fact, I’m going to be using many of his methods in my next program along with some ideas of Poliquin and King. Pavel’s training doesn’t tear up the CNS like he makes you believe in this article. He actually stays completely away from failure and uses weights that are between 80-90% of your RM for a particular lift. For example, if your 5RM for the squat is 100lbs, he has you work out with 90lbx5 reps in the first set. Then you reduce to 80% of that first working set for your next sets. It’s kind of hard to explain, but his methods will help to make you strong without overtaxing the CNS. I hope part two of the article will help clear up some of these issues. If not, Read “Power to the People” and the March 2001 edition of MILO. Almost everything he said in part one of this interview was covered in the aforementioned book and article.

hey thanks for clearing that up nate dogg. it seems like he really tore the hell out of the CNS and golgi tendons. However ive been wrong before and it seems im wrong again.

I’ve been reading Pavel’s stuff for a while, now, and its good stuff. Even if you’re not going to use what he tells you, its really entertaining. I used his ‘Ladders’ technique with my COC grippers. I’m now gripping the #2 for 7 reps. Thats from 1 rep two weeks ago.