Difference Between Standing and Seated Calf Presses?

Anyone into the biomechanical difference? Are you able to get more leverage doing seated calf presses? Does this mean seated are more prone to injury? Which variation is better? Why? I’ve always favored the seated version, because of better isolation, and the feeling of more control.

I’m actually asking because my heel center (calcaneus bone) is painful since a couple of days, and it has definitely something to do with the rotation of the footjoint, meaning the gastrocnemius or soleus is involved. A dull pain every time I step on the heel. Though getting better, telling me this is a overload injury.

Have you eliminated plantar fasciitis as the problem?

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Yes, the diagnostic signs are not there. More like an inflammated heelpad. But, then again - more like severe DOMS in a strange location - since I’m slowly getting better spontaneously. And I forgot to mention the “correlation” to seated calf raises the day before. Started the day after when I started using the feet.

The simplest answer I can give (not a doctor) is that the seated version positions more direct stress on the soleus while the straight leg movements allow more stress to target the gastroc




I can’t do standing calf raises, it seems to squash my vertebrae together and create problems and pain, so I only do seated version.

And my gastrocs are not defined, but the thickness that I do have runs from bottom to top.

Not very photogenic , but thickness is thickness.

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After posting yesterday, my SO claimed BS.

So I snapped a quick pic, and whaddya know, she wasn’t far off.


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