Conservative Steroid Use

I am currently experimenting with a real conservative cycle consisting of only a single shot of Testosterone Cypionate (200 mg) and Nandrolone Decanoate (200 mg) a MONTH.

Now, I know I won’t make massive gains in muscle mass or strength with this type of usage, but I do believe that the results will be better than the use of a whole bunch of supplements (and WAY cheaper too).

I have used a tremendous amount of creatine, protein powders (MRP’s), and various other “natural” supplements (no prohormones though) over several years and have dabbled in some slight anabolic use as well (only have done a single 10 week cycle consisting of nandrolone, primobolan, and anavar about 4 years ago). I think it will be interesting to find out just how effective a very limited steroid program compares against massive supplement use.

Any of you experiment with such a “light” cycle before? In your opinions, how long could someone continuously do this type of cycle? (My opinion: I bet I could do this for the rest of my life and suffer no adverse side effects)

IMHO, I believe an Androsol/Finasol cycle will work much better and cost as much or less than what you plan to do.

Okay, here’s the thing. Let’s say your
testosterone production while not using
steroids is normal. That then is equivalent
to about 100 mg/week of injectable.

Your usage is 400 mg per four weeks, or
an average of 100 mg/week. This usage level,
both for testosterone and nandrolone, inhibits
natural production by about 50%.

So, now instead of the “100 mg/week” value that
you had from natural production, you have
100 mg/week from injection plus only the
equivalent of about 50 mg/week from natural

So, you’ve gotten an extra 50 mg/week. That’s
not much. A reasonably effective steroid cycle
starts at about 400 mg/week above natural

Sure you can follow this plan for life. But
it’s not called steroid cycling, it’s called
lifetime hormone replacement therapy. You
won’t get much improvement in gains, and your
testicles will shrink somewhat and your fertility will decline. I would look at another

Just looked at your question again, and
this time saw that it’s not simply that
this is all you’re using per month, but
that it is a single injection of BOTH
once per month. I had thought you were
taking one of each every 2 weeks for some

Doing it as you are, it’s a little different
from how I analyzed it below. Here, it’s
more like a “really lame in the two ‘on’ weeks” 2 on / 2 off cycle.

The difference will be that your total inhibition of natural testosterone production
over the course of each month will be a little
less than I said below, and the periodic
recovery phase will substantially avoid
the concerns I gave below.

It’s still not an effective program for
gains. By injecting 400 mg total on day
1 of the month, you are NOT achieving the
blood levels expected with 400 mg/week
of ongoing use: because you have almost
no residual drug in the system (whereas
with continuing use there is such drug)
you are at more like the 200 mg/week level.
And that gives glacial gains. And those
levels will be half gone within a week…

So what I would expect out of this is that
one week out of four, your gains will be
very slightly better than they would be
under natural circumstances. The difference
can be expected to be rather trivial and rather hard to be certain of.

It’s this kind of dosage level that led to
the previous medical opinion that anabolic
steroids are not anabolic for athletes. At
this dosage level, the gains indeed are
so low that you can’t prove within reasonable doubt that they wouldn’t
have occurred without the drug – the gains
are not statistically significant.

Thankyou gentlemen, for your answers. I knew that such “light” use wouldn’t amount to much compared to using 'roids in the typical manner. However, just to clarify, here were my reasons:

  1. I don’t have access to Clomid, Arimidex, or any other estrogen antagonists or aromatase inhibitors. Therefore, I believe it would be too risky (in terms of potential side effects) to use the standard Cypionate dosage of 500 to 1000 mg on day 1. Maybe I’m just being a wimp.

  2. If I used a higher dosage than mentioned, due to the standard half-life tapering of the drug in your system wouldn’t one still have a substantial amount of drug in one’s system by the end of the month, thereby short circuiting the goal of being “clean” in the off weeks to promote recovery?

Just to let you know, this is the 3rd month of my “experiment”, and though the gains are not substantial (gained 8 lbs., probably all water!) I do feel much “better” in the gym than when I was training naturally.

You should have no problems with estrogen while on Androsol and/or Fina. Using a 2-on/4-off approach is conservative and will yield better gains. It is cheaper too.

If you injected 800 mg of enanthate on
day 1, this would get your blood levels
to approximately the 560 mg/week level.
After 5 days, that would fall to the 280
mg/week level; after 10 days, the 140
mg/week level; and 15 days, the 70 mg/week
level, which is low enough to allow recovery
of natural T production though it is still
a little inhibitory. By 20 days, basically
the amount in your system is too small
to be worried about, let alone at 30 days.

The above numbers are approximate, since the
half life of testosterone enanthate is
only approximate.

If you use cypionate instead of enanthate,
change the numbers to increments of six
days instead of five, and change the starting
blood level to about 467 mg/week.

You’re wrong if you think you can do this forever without an off cycle. There has been research done that shows it’s more the fault of the duration of the cycle, not the dosage. This is the main reason why more guys are doing cycles of 2-4 weeks with large amounts of steroids than doing the 6-8 month long cycles using low dosages. If I were you I’d bring up the dosages to a low medium dose doing a 6 week on, 4 week off cycle.