Equal ons and equal offs

Hi guys, particularly brock strasser or bill roberts, i was wondering, since it’s always said that it’s good to be off for as long as you are on, isn’t two weeks off just as good as being four weeks off? also, if i alternate two weeks of androsol, followed by two weeks off, followed by two weeks of nandrosol, would that give me a better effect on my next cycle of androsol, akin to if i had taken a six week break between the two androsol cycles? thanks.

Good question that has been eating me too.
Recovery should take less than 1 week so why four off?

I also wonder if there is a big difference between being off for 6 weeks versus 8 weeks?

I´d like to start cutting 3 weeks post cycle is
this too soon?

IMHO, I believe Bill and Brock are giving ‘guidelines’ and are advocating the safest possible ways to use their supplements. I’m sure you won’t offend them if you choose to go balls-to-the-wall. Your gains might be better, but the ‘possibility’ for side effects could go up as well. Just my $.02 worth. Goodl luck. Glimm

This is a question that has been bugging me as well…I just finished an excellent cycle of Androsol and can’t wait to begin again. I am pretty sure that Tim mentioned in the print mag that he had tried a few cycles of two on, two off and had success. I think I am going to give it a try. I just hope I am not wasting money.

I am currently using 2 on 2 off cycle. I use Androsol for 2 weeks followed by 1 tbs Methoxy 7 and 6 caps Tribex 500 twice a day for 2 weeks. I have completed this cycle 2 times now and getting ready for round 3 then i plan on taking 4 weeks off. I started out at 190 and currently weigh 217. Yes I did gain some fat with this, but I am confident I can strip it off later. I have had zero side effects! I just increased size and strength. My bench went up to 405, deadlift to 475 and below parallel squat to 450! - Matt

Excellent question…I’ve also wondered if of alternating between Androsol and Nandrosol would result in increased effectiveness. I’d love to hear an opinion from the ‘experts’.

If you had HCG and Clomid you can certainly
get away with a series of 2 on / 2 off cycles.
Without them, I would expect testicular
atrophy to develop after a while.

How long is “a while” ?? Are we talking 2 on 2 off cycles for 6 months for atrophy to occur or only a matter of like 2 months

Well, I said “a while” because there is
no fixed answer: testicular atrophy is
a highly variable thing. What isn’t variable
is that it always takes some time to set in
and doesn’t happen right away; but how long
that is really varies a lot even with the
same person, for no apparent reason.

I would not be at all surprised if sometime
somebody reported doing a year of 2 on / 2 off
with Androsol and felt there was no net
testicle shrinkage. I also would not be surprised if someone did three such cycles
and actually did have some shrinkage… not
anything terrible, but definitely there
and noticeable. I highly doubt that anyone
could have much shrinkage after only two
such cycles. Possibly a small amount
but not much, and two cycles would be
remarkably quick.

In all these cases, the shrinkage would
be reversible on discontinuance of

Another way of looking at it is, you can
tell yourself after cycle number “n”
whether you’ve had significant testicle
shrinkage or not, and if you haven’t, doing
cycle “n+1” if it’s only two weeks is just
not going to change it very much.

Question for Bill: Regarding the 2 on, 2 off protocol, would using just Androsol or Nandrosol be preferrable to stacking the two; also, how would use of Tribex fit into that dosage pattern?

The suppressive effects of Nandrosol and Androsol are by the same mechanism, so there’s
no difference in that regard (except possibly in degree,
but also possibly not) between using
just Androsol, just Nandrosol, or combining

It isn’t the case that doing an Androsol
cycle, then taking 2 weeks off, then a Nandrosol cycle, then 2 weeks off, would
count to the body as being 6 weeks from
the last Androsol cycle. It would count
as being two weeks from the last cycle
of androgens.

How does 2 weeks on 3 weeks off compare with 2 on 2 off? Would it make it that much “safer” or would it be just about the same as 2 on 2 off?

Even though it is not needed, per se, if one were to take HCG at 500IU day for two weeks and clomid at 300mg on day 1 and 50 mg daily thereafter for JUST THREE WEEKS of being “off” of androsol, norandrosol, etc. I wonder if they could adhere to this program and avoid inhibition. In other words, could the above scheme, which equates to 2 weeks “on” and 3 weeks “off” be comparable to a “normal” routine of being on androsol for 2 weeks and then taking the prescribed 4 weeks off?