Coming off Test and Winny Cycle - Erectile Problems

I am 20 years old and I took my last shot of testosterone cyponate about a month ago and I have been having problems getting an erection. Even when I was enjecting the test, the last two weeks of my cycle left it hard to get it up. Mid cycle I was finding it very easy to maintain an erection. I was on 500 mg per week (what ended up being 7 weeks) of test and 75 mg of winny per day (started 2 weeks in an proceeded for 6 weeks). Is there anything I can do to help the situation? How long is the natural testosterone recovery supposed to be? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Always have some clomid for a post cycle therapy, It will help



way to do your home work…
Go get some clomid and/or nolva and buy some Alpha Male. This is all stuff you should have done before the first time a needle ever came near your muscles. So please start reading on the forum or T-mag about PCT and get some anti-e’s in you soon. Good luck with your dick.

Sorry I forgot to mention it, but I have been on 40 mg of novladex per day since about a week after my last shot. I must have looked totally unprepared in my cycle. Any other suggestions?

It seems odd to me that you had a problem getting it up during the last two weeks of your cycle. You should have had quite a bit of test still floating around in your system at that point and even for a week or two afterwards as well.

Alpha Male, Clomid, ZMA, and plenty of sleep.

like Beerbarbq said it is pretty out of the norm for you to not have enough test in your system in the last 2 weeks of a test and winny cycle to have your dick not nocking chics over when they pass by.
It might just be a mental thing. Take beer’s advice on all the sups he listed and also check out your current situtation as far as stress and life in general goes. Maybe you have something that you are so stressed about that you can’t preform because you are too preoccupied or just can’t let yourself relax enough.
I would say sorry for the previous attack but, you did leave yourself open for it by sound ignorant by not posting your PCT.

try getting head, or maybe banging a cute chick. it’s one thing to sit in your room and fiddle with your dick trying to get it hard. it’s another story all together if a girl is ready willing and naked within two feet of your wong.

If worse comes to worse, you can always try viagra, cialis, etc. These other guys gave you pretty good advice though. Regardless, I would think your problem will be short-lived.
Good luck,

I have been having problems with my girlfriend who I have had no problems getting hard with in the past. Even having a naked girl in front of me won’t help.

Do you think taking Cialis or Alpha Male, would give me bad side effects for the future and make me dependent on it?

I don’t know anything about Cialis but you shouldn’t experience any negative sides (maybe acne) or become dependent on Alpha Male.

You might want to see a doctor and have bloodwork done. Check your blood pressure at the very least; and avoid alcohol if your not doing that already.

You may also need a new girlfriend, or at least a change of pace every once in a while.

Sounds more like deca dick to me than simple test - you sure it was test cyp?

I am pretty sure it was test cyponate. I am begining to think the novladex is fake though because people at first attributed my problems to not being on PCT, and, maybe, I am not on PCT because the Novladex is fake.

500 mg per week cyp for 6 weeks will cause near total shut down of natural production and then 525mg per week winny isn’t helping either. the nolva is not enough stop estrogen mediated shutdown of the HPTA for this duration. letrozole and arimidex are better. 4-hydroxyandrostenedione works too, but only as an injectible or topical cream/spray. i think that the higher estrogen levels caused the shutdown and are responsible for natural production being low. clomid at 100mg per day and ZMA, Alpha Male and M should help, otherwise you have some bigger problems. it just seems that you overdid it a bit - perhaps are more succeptible to estrogen than most so measures like aromatase inhibitors are required in the future.

also, i don’t think it is deca because as stated, no problems mid cycle, only last two weeks i believe it said.

keep stress levels low, always helps…

Morbo, what did I overdo? I don’t understand, my cycle was pretty low key, I think.

it was low key, the problem is that the supression from anything more than 200mg a week or more is the same (differs for different people, and if you go really high, then again supression can be worse). i agree that up to 1000mg a week is reasonable for a larger athlete.

as for suppression, everyone reacts differently. some people just need more than the nolva during the cycle. like an aromatase inhibitor. i think if you used arimidex or letrozole, your problems would be less.

i recomend that you make use of the excellent archieves and read the articles by cy wilson and brian batcheldor. cy even gives references so you can look up the study and read it for yourself (cy does a good job of giving good references).

as for your previous cycle, you did 500 cyp a week which is light, but over a longer period, the shutdown is the same (remember, it is dose AND time dependent - so if you did a gram a week, problems would have come sooner and shutdown would be faster).

here’s a couple tips:

  1. learn about estrogen control - the articles
  2. if your problems don’t go away fast, then see a good doctor who is not a dick. if they are, find one who isn’t.
  3. i like clomid, but i do not get all crazy and girly like some who don’t handle it well.

I can’t get ahold of any clomid, but will arimidex help at all for my post cycle?

arimidex will help if estrogen is still high, otherwise i don’t know and you have to see a doctor. if you use arimidex,it is only needed for a short peroid and keep on all the other stuff and the clomid really is key. Cy wrote about this with some solid references.

Arimidex will only lower circulating estrogen levels, not restart your own natural test production. I would guess that your nolva is fake, as I feel it’s effects in a couple of day’s.

You need to find either nolva or letrozole or clomid or formestane acetate as soon as possible. Also, if you have lowered your food intake, try bumping it real high for a week or two, as this may help create a rebound.

[quote]morbo wrote:
arimidex will help if estrogen is still high[/quote]

how will letrozole help any more than arimidex? it does the same thing, that is block the aromatization of compounds such as test as well as other aromatizable drugs. they are both extremely effective, in fact to get “dry test” only 1 mg or 2 of letrozole needs to be added to 10mL of 100mg/ml test prop. both clomid and nolva have applications, choose whichever is best for you, i like clomid as i have no side effects (i know it is real because i tested it myself in the lab), some have side effects, for those nolva or formestane will work better. with the formestane, you have to inject the acetate, or drink a lot more of it, also it is available in a topical spray that works well.

the arimidex is only good if estrogen levels are high, and they probably are after using test, otherwise the problem is elsewhere and needs to be addressed. i personally found that the old tribex worked well in conjunction with a lot of meat fruits and veggies and EFAs and nuts, perhaps the new one is better, they claim it is. also some of my athletes with more disposable income use high quality ecdysterone, Methoxy-7 (Biotest has the best one) and ipriflavone, but these are elites whose job it is to eat and train properly. most people just cannot make such time commitments, so we try to use the bigger bang for the buck stuff like the Alpha Male and M and clomid, or formestane transdermally