Caloric Requirements

I am trying to gain as much as possible from my cycle of 8 weeks 500mg of sust/Week, 50mg of Deca/Week, 25mg of Dbol/Day. I did this cycle 2 months ago with a 10-kg muscle gain; this is my 4th cycle. I’m 5’3, 150Ibs and 23 years old.
I am trying to work out my daily calorie requirements, what is the maths for this?
What sort of Protein/Carb/Fat ratio is best for the most gain on steriods?

Do a search on the web sight. The get-Big diet for Bodybuilders!!!

50mg/week of Deca?? Do you mean 500mg? Shoot for 20 to 25 calories/lb. depending on how well you gain weight/fat. So say you want to weigh 175 lbs. then multiply that by 20 to 25 to get your daily calories. I don’t how you repsond to carbs/protein/fat but you could try 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat. Most importantly, don’t even start this cycle without Clomid. I suggest 50mg EOD during the cycle and 50mg ED for 2-4 weeks post-cycle.

Thanks a lot for you help!
I am taking clomid for 20 days 2 weeks after my last injection. I will have 8 weeks off then repeat the cycle again.