Need help with cycle

I’m about to start an 8 week cycle I created from lots of research and would like a cretique. 8 weeks deca 400mg/week. First week Sustanon 500mg, week 2-8 250mg. Winstrol 60mg ED, orally. HCG 500iu for 10 weeks starting on day 1. Clomid 12 weeks starting on day 1. Do the HCG & clomid look good, and is that enough Sustanon? I’ve never used test before. I want to keep 15lbs of muscle. I’m 23, 5’10", 175lbs. This is my second cycle.

As far as the HCG goes - check out the tread
ideal scenario for hcg use…

IMO you should be using at least 500 mg of test, which along with winny and deca makes a nice cycle. Also why don´t you shoot 800 mg of
Deca on day one to get blood levels up fast?

Deca has a half life of 8 days, so if you really want to consider yourself off after 8 weeks limit the Deca to, say 5 weekly injections.

The same advice goes for sust. if you wanna be off after 8 weeks you can not inject all the way to week 8. If you decide to go with 250 mg
of sust 7 weekly injections is probably the way to go.

Lastly clomid looks good, using it 4 weeks post cycle would be a good idea, you will need
to take 300 mg on day 1 due to the long half life.

I think 15 pounds of pure muscle seems a little optimistic on 250 mg of test but if you
decide to bump the dosage, im sure your goal would be attainable.

BTW Winstrol at 60 mg orally sounds like Getwood to me- just make sure you measure up the stuff correctly-this has been discussed a lot on this board.