Please help me

Im going On a 10 week cycel. The first 8weeks
Im doing 25mg d-bol a day and 200mg deca and 250mg sust. and after 8weeks Im going to stop
the d-bol and continue the sust. and deca for
two more weeks. Im 24 57 175 13% body fat.This would be my first cycle .My goul is to gain 30lbs of muscle from this cycle.My
question Is for more gains sense their is a limited amount of reseptors and I could only take to amples a week would I have better reults If Insted of deca I just go with more sust. so It would be 500sust. 10 weeks and 25mg d-bol for 8 weeks. and also How much calorie two eat and how many day to workout to
get better results( I have lots of time on my hand)
thank you very much.

You should not run the d-bol for 8 weeks. Personally I’d rather see something like. 500mg sus / 200mg Deca for 8 weeks D-bol 25mg ed for the first 4-6 weeks. Clomid eod throughout the cycle and 50mg ed for one week after your last injection (starting week 9) then 100mg ed the 2nd week and finally 50mg ed the third week. Also do not start your cycle unless you hav nolva on hand! I would also throw in some milk thistle or Liv 52 when using an oral. Make sure that you are getting boat loads of food! 350 grms each day with and plenty of good carbs.