But I thought he'd be taller.....:)

Last night I got to meet our own Chris Shugart in person at a Hooter’s in Dallas before the Family Values concert. He had with him an entourage of his former students and his training partner, the Texas Arm Wrassler. We sat at a Texas shaped table, ate Texas-sized chicken sandwiches, and looked at fine pieces of Texas T&A. Just wanted to confirm that Chris lives up to what you’d expect from his articles. Incredibly muscular, but not in the Ronnie Coleman way, he obviously embodies the true spirit of the T-man - the desire to look great without having to walk through a door sideways. Don’t think for a second he’s not HYOOGE though - but it looks like the peak of natural bodybuilding rather than roids and I’m envious as hell.

He was incredibly easy to get to know and I felt like I was sitting with a buddy I hadn’t seen in years rather than making a (hopefully) new friend. His students were the same - these kids were VERY smart and it’s obvious how much they respected Chris and how much of an impact he had on their development - one of his protegees was so gracious he even paid for my meal. I wish I had had such a teacher in high school. Oh, and before I forget, one of his students was a chick and definately a T-Vixen in training. A couple more years and she’ll be ripe for the plucking. I had absolutely the best time hanging out with the Shugart Gang and surprisingly didn’t feel inadequate at all, which I thought would be the case hauling my fat ass to the table.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I had the waitress convinced someone peed in my coke - that was an amusing moment. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that Chris is a no-bullshit, WYSIWYG guy - you can take him at his word, and I had a pretty frikken good time hanging out. Hope the concert was good, Chris!

Tell me more about this vixen in the making. Is she at least 18? If so, hook a fellow T-man up! I want my very own T-vixen! I’m tired of meeting the wrong women!

Sounds like you had a good time with Chris and the gang. That's cool bro. If for some reason I head to Texas, you can be sure I'll look him up! Once I get my bulk on with some MAG-10, I'll make Chris look like a little guy! LMAO!!!!! ;)

I cant remember what WYSIWYG stands for somebody please jog my memory.

What You See Is What You Get - WYSIWYG

WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get.

ND - shut the hell up. You don't have enough hotties lying around? Ok, I'll trade you for a few, bitch! :) :) :)

Plenty of reason to come to Texas man...PLENTY.

Oh, and you’ll be welcome to have my bulk. I still have an easy extra 20 that needs to GO.

Hey, I’m 6 foot tall! At least in Docs. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the props, Greg. Had fun hanging out.

Aikigreg is a good example, I think, of many T-mag readers. He’s a guy who has overcome past mistakes like weight gain and is overcoming or tearing down all the obstacles left in his way. For example, as he’s talked about here on the forum, Aikigreg has a medical problem with his gripping ability. That alone is enough to make most people give up the weights. But he just makes adjustments, deals with it, displays adaptability, and gets the job done. Very cool.

The concert was great. Static-X (very impressive), Linkin Park (best performance IMO), Staind (man, that guy can sing) and Stone Temple Pilots (I think Scott is even crazier now that he’s kicked the H). The opening band, Deadsy, was pretty good too. Lots of special guests including guys from Pantera and Alice in Chains. We were right near the front, just out of mosh pit range. My ears are still ringing. Good show.

Oh and Nate, the T-Vixen in training is 17. So we can't officially lust after her for a few more months!

Hey Chris, isn’t 17 legal in Texas? Hey, I’m down for whatever! LOL!

Greg, you’re the man! Keep up the good work and the posts!

Hello all, this is Michelle, the famed “T-Vixen-in-training.” Although I do not think I am quite T-vixen material, it is very flattering… I am 17, but I am TAKEN (by the really sweet guy that paid for Greg’s dinner) The concert kicked ass, I think the STP performance was the best by far, and yes, Scott Weiland is definitely crazier now that he is off the smack. :slight_smile:

Hey Michelle, since you’re taken, by any chance do you have an older sister? LOL! :wink:

Sorry, NateDogg, no sisters here, I only have three brothers, and I don’t think that is very appealing, now is it? However, I do have a friend sitting here next to me, so just ask Chris Shugart about “the Butt.” hehehehe

Nope, guys don’t do it for me Michelle! I like tacos, not weiners! So Chris, do tell us about “The Butt.” Maybe I should make a trip to Texas. You gonna let me stay with you Chris? And hook me up with some hotties? :wink:

nate dogg man you got to back off here shes closer to my age(20). let me have this one and you can get the next one. But then again you seem alittle depressed and overtrained so maybe i’ll let you have this one just this once.

Is Chris a teacher or a trainer or what? And where in Texas? I work a mile from downtown Dallas (where that Hooters is).

oak, he’s one of the editors of T-mag and one of the main article writers. He used to be a teacher. I think he talked about this in the “I hear dead people” article a while back on T-mag.

Davo - thanks - I read the “I hear dead people” and it is pretty good. I know that Chris is an editor, I just thought he did something else too, because I thought T-mag was based out of Colorado (and please no flames about modern technology and telecommuting, etc.). :slight_smile:

Bro, you’re right. She’s way too young for me. What was I thinking? I’m in a slump, and something crazy must have come over me! Woo! I’m glad you reminded me bro. Yes, last week I was stressed and overtrained. But after taking the week off, I’m feeling good bro! I’ll do some hottie searching this weekend! As I’ll be out in full effect this weekend. And you know I’ll have to have the pierced nipples on display while I’m chilling at the Fall Arts Festival! LOL! :wink:

hey michelle, a 17 year old t-man here…

Okay, Chris, let’s see the bod. Time to put up a pic in T-Mag! All those who are with me…

oak- I’m in West Texas most of the time. Travel to Dallas and San Antonio quite a bit though. And yes, it is a modern technology thing!

char- I promised Nate Dogg a pic for his site. I’ll try to get some done next week before I fly off to Toronto. (But don’t expect any of that tanned and shaved, boxer-brief stuff!)

Nate, repeat after me. “I will not touch the high school girls. I will not touch the high school girls.” :slight_smile: Actually, I don’t recall them looking like they do now back when I was in school! Something in the water, maybe?!